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I am back today with the third part of my little 'What's In My...' series that I am doing with some of my other blogging friends. In case you missed them, here are my previous posts: What's In My Bag and What's In My Makeup Bag. This week I am going to be showing you what's on my iPhone. In March I got an iPhone which I am super grateful for as it was an early birthday present. I choose the iPhone 5c in Pink!

YouTube- I think YouTube is a staple on every bloggers phone. It offers so much inspiration and i am forever refreshing my subscription box in case a new video comes in // Twitter has become my new favourite app on my phone, I love scrolling down my feed and chatting to my friends also I love to check what celebrities are up to (sad? I know...) // Pinterest - I don't hear many people taking about it, as I think Tumblr is talked about more, but I honestly love pinterest. I could spend hours scrolling through pins and re-pinning every cute, vintage blogging and beauty inspired pin. 

Blogger App - I am not a huge fan of this app as I find it is super simple, I know simple is good but this just seems like level 1 basic. Anyway sometimes I like to use this if I am on the go and want to create some bullet point notes on a post I am planning on writing or something like that // Wattpad- I would seriously recommend Wattpad, it is an amazing way to read loads of great teenage, fantasy, fan fiction and romance books written by ordinary people with a passion for writing. If you want to get started reading something on Wattpad I would recommend the Taylor Family Series by Heather Roberts. These books are amazing, I think there are currently 5 in the series at the moment. // Bloglovin - I read my bloglovin feed religiously on my phone at the moment. I really didn't bloglovin at first as I didn't really understand it and the android app wasn't great on my old phone. But now i check my bloglovin everyday and I love how simple, clean and chic the layout of it is. It makes reading blog posts really enjoyable! Also a little plug here: If you are not already why not follow me on bloglovin!
Pixlr Editor - I recently discovered pixlr editor for editing blog photos on my laptop and then I saw they had an app, so I downloaded it and I have to say it has so many cool and interesting features and is such an easy way to edit your photos really nicely // Amazon Instant Video - I currently have a subscription to Amazon instant video,  previously love film and I am watching the OC at the moment which follows 4 high school students who live in California and what happens to them. It is basically just an easy to watch girly TV show. // Doodle Snap - I was reading Wonder Forest one day and I saw that Dana has created a new app that allows you to add little doodles to your photos, it is super cool and I really like using it.

Spotify I am literally obsessed with Spotify at the moment, i have it on my phone and laptop and am always listening to something. Although at the moment I am kind of listening to Hairspray the musical on repeat and the songs are so good! // iTube I don't use this as much as Spotify, but I really like this for organising my music and creating playlists // In my music at the moment I am really enjoying listening to Taylor Swift's RED album.

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