Tanya Burr Lip Glosses

From left to right: Just Peachy, Vampire Kiss and Champagne Toast

Hello again,

When Tanya Burr released her own collection of lip glosses and nail polishes it was absolutely huge and for ages they were constantly raved about. I know I am a little late to the bandwagon here but I was sent some of her lip glosses* to try and really wanted to do a review.

The packaging of these glosses are really good, they look amazing and they are super practical for chucking in your handbag for top ups through out the day. Its very simple packaging and I love how her signature is clearly imprinted on the front. I love it when products have signatures on them, I think it makes them seem more personal (I don't know if that's just me being weird!). The formula is really juicy, glossy and moisturising but in no way sticky. I cant stand sticky lip glosses as they remind me of the cheap plastic glosses you used to get in kids magazines (*cringe). If you get the chance go up to the Tanya Burr stand in Superdrug and smell these lip glosses. They honestly smell like yummy sweeties you used to eat when you were a kid; so good!!

Now onto the three shades that I have. I hate that I have to sat something negative about these lip glosses because I really do like them, but Just Peachy really doesn't suit me. I don't know if it is because I have pale skin but when I first applied it it completely washed me out. At the time I had slightly chapped lips and it made them look all dry and horrible. It made me really sad because Just Peachy looks the nicest in its packaging. So sorry Just Peachy but I wont be wearing you again any time soon. Enough negativity. I absolutely love the other two shades. Vampire Kiss looks really scary in the packaging and is not normally what I would go for, but oh-my-goodness it is so pigmented and glossy. It is a very 'true red' colour and looks amazing with really simple eye and face make-up and then this bold lip. When I want to wear a red lip but don't want it to look like I am over dressed for the day time; I apply a little bit onto my lips and then blend it out with my fingers. So I still get this gorgeous red lip but just less vibrant! Finally my favourite lip gloss is Champagne Toast. My first impressions of this wasn't great, I didn't think much of it and wasn't expecting to love it. It is quite sheer but perfect for when you just want really natural glossy lips. I wear this lip gloss the most out of the three and honestly I love how natural it looks on my lips.

So there you have it, my thoughts on the Tanya Burr lip glosses. I would really like to try some more from this range and I have my eyes on Afternoon Tea, Chic and Aurora. Have you tried any of these lip glosses? What are you favourite from the range?

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  1. I have tried Afternoon Tea and I love it! :) x


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