Topshop Jewel Lip Tint

I am back with another beauty review! There is a lot of hype around Topshop makeup and this is the only makeup item I own from them, I have a couple of nail polishes which I love. My best friend bought this for me as a gift and it is so amazing.

In the photo this lip tint looks super bright and orange but let me explain how it works. This lipstick reacts with the natural pH level and colour pigmentation in your lips and this causes the lipstick to change colour. On me it changes to a really wearable pink that is brighter than your average nude pink but I am still able to wear it on a daily basis so it isn't that bright and intense. The idea of this is really clever and makes it a bit different to other lip products out there. The finish is quite shiny and glossy but you can blot it to make it more of a matte finish. It is quite sheer but you can build up the pigmentation and even though it is moisturising the colour lasts on my lips really well. Like all Topshop products the packaging is adorable and this lipstick is no exception. It can get a little bit dirty seen as it is in white packaging but nothing that a baby wipe can't fix!

I can see myself wearing this a lot this summer as it a great lipstick just to throw on as it adds a really natural pink tone to your lips. I am going to try some more from Topshop so if you have any recommendations and stand out products then please let me know in the comments!

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  1. this looks gorgeous, i tried the crystal one by them a while ago and loved it, i hope this is similar! x

    1. I think it is very similar to the Crystal one, it's the same idea anyway! X


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