Ruby Hammer Recommends White Tip | WOMN #4

Unless you have been living under a rock these past few months, you will know that white nails are a huge trend this summer. I love how white nails look on other people, I think they are so simple, versatile for day and night and they look good with any outfit.  As I have pale skin I really didn't know how it would turn out or if I would end up loving white nails or hating them. I didn't want to go out and buy a really good white polish until I had tested out the trend and seen if I liked it. I found an old manicure kit from Ruby Hammer Recommends and inside was this white polish. It is actually intended to be used for creating white tips, but I don't follow beauty rules so I went ahead and used it as a polish (I know, I am such a rebel!!) 

The consistency of this polish is really thick, almost verging on being gloopy, and the brush is really wide with lots of bristles so this makes it quite hard to apply really accurately. I have no idea how you could use this as a white tip because the brush it too big for accurate precision. The first coat was very patchy and uneven, but the white became really opaque when I applied a second coat and it evened out.  I used my Seche Vite top coat to finish it off and give it a nice glossy finish. Although this isn't the best white nail polish ever, I love how white nails look on me and the fresh simple finish it gives. I can't believe I didn't try a white polish before now, but I can see myself wearing this a lot. I will probably end up buying a better quality white nail polish, so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

This WOMN is not really about the polish, it's more about the trend because I can safely say I am now converted to white nails! I hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoying the day off.

MissBeccaBeauty xo


  1. I will totally try white nails now! :) x

    1. You should, they look so pretty for summer x


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