The Wet Brush Review

So as I said last Saturday I am going to be reviewing my favourite hair care products every week until I have talked about everything I want to. I am mainly doing this because I love using products on my hair but I don't really talk about them much on my blog. I had heard many great things about this brush and was so excited when I it came through my front door.

You can use this brush on wet and dry hair and it quickly and painlessly de-tangles hair. I have really thick hair that can be unruly; especially in the mornings when I have bad bed hair. This brush gets rid of any tangles, knots or kinks in my hair. It brushes through my madness of curls/waves and leaves my hair feeling really silky and smooth. The bristles are softer than a regular hair brush and this is why it makes brushing your hair so easy, quick and it never tugs or pulls on your hair so you know it isn't damaging your hair. Because I have really thick hair it doesn't feel like the brush is getting through all my hair and brushing it properly, but it is because the result is good. The brush it's self is very thin and compact which means it is great for travelling and chucking in your handbag/school bag. I don't know about you but some other brushes, especially the paddle brushes, are huge and take up way too much space in a bag! A range of colour are available; I think there is pink, purple, blue, white, brown and a few others.

This brush is affordable and definitely something to pick up if you need a new hairbrush or have thick hair like me and find that your hairbrush just isn't doing a good enough job.

MissBeccaBeauty xo
*PR Gifted Sample


  1. This looks lovely, I'm a fan or the tangle teezer for wet hair but haven't ever thought of using anything else, this looks gorgeous though and might have to give it a try. Lovely post! x

    1. If you like the tangle teaser then you will love this!! Xx


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