Bank Holiday Tearooms & More

It feels like I have done a 'photo-heavy, out and about' lifestyle post in ages. I remember last summer I did absolute loads and loads as I was out doing and trying lots of new things. But I haven't really gone out to new places or gone of any exciting family days out, so I didn't have the opportunity to do another post like this. I want to start off by saying I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend with your friends and family; it feels like it's been bank holiday after bank holiday... not that I'm complaining! This weekend I spend time with my family, had a heart-warming Sunday dinner with close friends, went on a little outing yesterday and even caught a few glimpses of sunshine that came out to say hello. 

These photos are mainly from our little family outing yesterday. We went to a few national trust type places near where I live and enjoyed looking around the beautiful grounds, the building and ruins and inside the many many gift shops and tea rooms. I think I have a thing for tea and tea pots at the moment. Our teapot sadly broke and we have been looking for a new one. However these were quite expensive so I guess I will just have to keep looking. I love days like this where you go off out for the day to a new place not knowing what you are going to find. It's even better when you come away from that new place having had a lovely day and with a new made mental note to return because it is such a great place.

I am off school this week so I am going to catch up on lots of blogging and get my blog organised ready for the summer as I don't know how busy the last term of school is going to be. I also want to mention that since getting my iPhone I am able to take really good quality pictures on the go as they iPhone camera is really good. It is also more convenient than lugging round my big girl camera everywhere I go, then I am also not worried about losing it or breaking it. Look out for lots more lifestyle posts!

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