FUSE Gelnamel Review

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Today I have another review for you but instead of it being a beauty review, I have a review of some really cool nail technology. I was kindly gifted this by a PR company so thought I would share with you what I think. I love gel nails and I love the lasting power of the them, the glossy effect and the whole package of 'a gel nail'. In all honestly I had high hopes for this product.

The first product I tried from this brand was the FUSE Starter Kit which consists of a fuse polish in Vamp, a light, a nail file/buffer, a stick, cleanser and lit free pads. I instantly fell in love with the whole concept of this little nail gadget and I had really high hopes. However I found the formula was super thick which confused me a bit as it said to apply a thin coat of colour and it really stressed that it had to be a thin layer other wise it wouldn't work. I also wasn't a huge fan of the colour as it was so dark and vampy, which isn't my style anyway, and I don't wear darks in summer. Having said that the lamp works like magic and as soon as you take it out of the lamp after 30 seconds it is completely dry. As in so dry you can do jobs, get ready or rummage through your handbag and it doesn't smudge because it is completely dry. 

In the photo above I am wearing the shade Na-No Way which is a really summery bright pink. I much prefer this to Vamp and I found the formula wasn't as thick so it was easier to apply a thin layer. Again it dried instantly after being under the lamp and I was so pleased I didn't have to wait around for ages to let my nails dry. The first time I used this to do my nails, with the shade Vamp, I found my nails were not at all glossy and were quite dull/matte looking. But when I used the shade Na-No Way it was a lot glossier and looked more like a gel finish. I think it probably just depends on the shade you get as to how glossy it will be. 

On the second/third day the polish started to peel of my nails, basically the whole coat I put on my nail came off in one piece. It was really weird and this has never happened before with any of my other polishes. I think this is really good for if you need to go out and need your nails done but don't have time for them to dry as you need to get ready and leave. Or even if you were going out for the whole day and wanted your nails done then this would be good. But if you want them to last for a good three to four days then this isn't the one for you. They do have some really nice shades in the range which are worth a try and the whole concept is great!

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*Gifted PR Samples


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