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Hello girls,

So if you read my April favourites you will know that I recently got an iPhone as an early birthday present and since then I have been spanning away and documenting what I get up to. I have to admit the quality of the camera is really good for a phone (much better than my previous phone) and now I can easily take good pictures on the go without lugging around my big camera. I have seen a few of these kind of monthly posts where you show pictures or Instagram’s of what you have got up to this month. I obviously don’t have Instagram but I thought it would be a nice way to share with you my adventures that month!

My sister and I are in the car ready to head down to Norfolk for the weekend // On the way we stopped at a beautiful old fashioned farm house that sold fresh eggs and home made ice-cream // On the beach pier I played many games hoping to win a teddy bear, but I didn't have much luck // My cousin and I taking a sneaky selfie on the beach!! // The beach was empty when we went down one morning and I managed to take a really nice photo of the landscape // When you go to the beach you have to draw a love heart and take a picture, right? I am currently using this photo as my phones wallpaper // I didn't make these sandcastles but I found them and thought they were super cute // This is the beach bag we used to carry all out things down there // Coming home we stopped off at a little quaint village to have afternoon tea in a little cafe, here is the view I could see // I love April because all the blossom trees are in full bloom and they look so pretty, one day I want to buy a house with blossom trees out side or at least can be seen from my bedroom window // One morning in the holidays I went to a cafe with my mum for breakfast and I ordered scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and cream cheese on toasted bagels, it was delicious // Sticking with a food theme I made a nutella cheesecake for the Easter weekend and it was the nicest cheesecake I have ever had. I was also my most popular post this month so if you haven't seen it already you can click here! 

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  1. I miss living by the sea and seeing these photos has brought back some lovely memories from my child hood I can't wait for summer and to go to the beach!!
    Asia xo

    1. I wish I lived by the sea, it would be so amazing in summer!


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