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Hey Peeps,
Over the past 2 months I haven't been on a big shopping spree, but I have bought the odd thing here and there. So here the little things that I have picked up recently.
Firstly, and the only two beauty items I bought, in Body Shop I bought the Nivea BB Cream and Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion. As far as first impressions go, I am really liking both these products and if I get on well with them in the future I might do reviews on them.

Next, whilst I was at the market, I spotted this cute purse. I know it is a copy of something like Cath Kidston, but it was on £1.99 and as some of you may know I am a huge sicker for anything to do with Britain and London. I couldn't just leave it there on the stall so I had to get it. It may be really rubbish quality but it looked to good to not buy.  In Tesco I found these pastel blue jeans. Now I have been looking for a pair of pale pastel jeans and these were perfect. The only problem was that the changing rooms were shut because it was after 8pm, so I was hesitant about buying them because they may not fit. But I bought them and I am really glad I did because they are a perfect fit.
Yesterday we went shopping for school shoes and I got some from Clarks. I have very wide feet so I find finding school shoes very hard. So since year 7 I have worn the same style but every year I just buy a new pair.

In the town next to where I live, there is a little boutique called 'Jacks' and they sell clothes from all the top brands such as Hollister, Superdry and Jack Wills. We popped in there to have a look and I was surprised when I realised that everything in the shop was half price the already reduced price on the tag.  This Superdry top was originally £40, reduced to £20 and then I got it for £10. It was definitely my bargain of the month!! I love this shirt because it is a really nice burgundy colour, which I find suits me well because of my brunette hair, and I love the mint green writing on the shirt.

I went to pick up my glasses on Saturday, I will be doing a post about my new glasses, and opposite Boots Opticians is Claire's. I just went to have a look inside and I found a neon peach glasses case that was reduced to £3. I was so excited I had found it. When I was at the till buying it the lady told me that if you buy and three sale items you can get them for £5. So I  picked up another case in neon yellow and then my sister got a little makeup bag. Again, another great bargain.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!
MissBeccaBeauty xo

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  1. I really like the colour of the jeans! :D
    Alice xx


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