Bonjour July

Hey Peeps,
Can you believe it is July. In my mind that only means one thing... SUMMER!!!!!
We only have 3 more weeks of school and then it is the summer holidays. I am rally looking forwards to the holidays this summer. I am going on holiday to Ireland for a Wedding. But for the majority of my holiday I will be in the UK. So I am determined to get out of the house more and go on lots of days out. And hopefully if I remember I will bring my camera with me and take loads of cool snaps for you guys :)
Last month I made my own 'Hello June' photo that I took and edited myself. Seen as I got a lot of great feedback from you guys saying you liked it, I thought I would make another for July.
I just want to point out I have taken this photo of the flowers myself and I used Picmonkey to edit it!

I now have a quote that I have edited myself. But I did get the actual image of Google. But this quote is quite important for me this summer as I want to get out there as much as possible and experience new things. I chose to use a picture of a roller coaster because I have a fear of rides and this summer I am determined to go on a roller coaster because I am going to Alton Towers on a school trip in September. The roller coaster reminds me that I can do anything and I should stop at nothing to achieve it!
MissBeccaBeauty xo

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  1. I love riding roller coasters... well just not the ones with a huge drop, but other then that I love them! This year seems to be flying by :)

    xoxo -B ♡


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