Fit For A Prince: A Royal Baby

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Over the next few days I am going to do a series of posts that will be called 'Fit For a Prince' and they will all be related to the royal baby.
If you have been anywhere near a TV, computer mobile or radio lately then you will know that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Will and Kate have very cleverly left the world speculating about the name of the young Prince. What we do know is that his title will be HRH Prince (name) of Cambridge. Kate went into labour in the early hours of Monday morning and gave birth to her baby at 4:24pm. They managed to keep the birth to themselves for a few hours before announcing to the world the birth at 8.30pm. Following tradition they put up a piece of paper outside Buckingham Palace with announced the birth and said that mother and baby were doing well. They then spent the night at St. Mary's Hospital
Mother, father and baby left the Lindo Wing at 7.15pm. Before leaving they went out onto the steps to show the world the third Heir to the throne, while posing for photographs and speaking to the press. William said to the press they were "working on a name" and they would choose one "as soon as we can".  When asked if the name would be George they simply replied saying "wait and see".  My money is on George. I think it is a lovely name and would suit a future King.
Some royal fashion followers, like myself, were quick to spot the resemblance between Kate's dress when she left the hospital with her baby and the dress Dianna wore when she left the hospital with William as a baby. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a pale blue spotty Jenny Packham dress  and 31 years ago Williams mother wore a pale green spotty dress.
They then returned inside the hospital and came out a few minuets later with the prince in a car seat/baby carrier and Will put his on into the car. I was very impressed that Will managed to strap the baby into the car in one attempt with millions of people watching. It took my dad many attempts before got the hang of putting me in the car. I think he had been practising!! The cutest thing was when the baby was safely strapped in, Kate sat in the back next the Prince and was lent over the carrier playing with her baby and talking to it. I think both William and Kate will make wonderful parents.
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All photos are from the BBC website.

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