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We know that Kate had the first ever royal baby shower in celebration of her baby. Her sister Pippa Middleton, who is London's top event planner, planned to whole event for her sister. A friend of the Duchess of Cambridge told the Sun "It isn't a royal tradition but Kate isn't a traditional Royal" This is true, but in my opinion I think it is great that Kate isn't traditional all the time and feels free to do things her own way. The cake was made by her brother James Middleton and there were goodies bags including products from Jo Malone and The White Company. We also know that it was held at the Middleton's Berkshire family home.

I went to a baby shower last weekend for a family friend who is having a baby boy in September. It was a beautiful sunny day and a ;lovely baby shower. Before then I had never been to a baby shower, if I am honest I always thought it was a very American thing. But after going to one I think it is a great way to celebrate the mother and the baby.
When we arrived they had started playing a game where everyone was given a drink with an ice-cube inside that had a baby boy frozen inside. The first person whose ice cube melted had to shout "my waters have broken". It was a silly game that was good fun. For the next game you were given a piece of paper with a  space to write when you the baby will be born and how heavy it will be. It was actually harder than I thought, because there was no strategy to getting it right because the baby will come when its ready :) 
The last game was my favourite. We were given a sheet of paper with had all the letters of the alphabet and next to each letter we had to write a word associated with babies, childhood, pregnancy or anything along those lines. The mother-to-be also filled in the sheet and the winners were the ones with as many answers that matched the mother-to-be's. My sister and I won as we had the most answers that matched, 11 to be precise.
We had a wonderful time and here are a few pictures from the day:

The Auntie of the baby boy created a nappy cake as a present for her sister. It was very clever as it was designed as a three layered cake and used baskets to make each layer. Each layer was filled with nappies along with goodies hidden inside such as powder milk, Johnson's products and Sudocrem.

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