Wake Me Up Foundation Review

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It feels like I haven't done a review in ages...
Recently in my latest haul I mentioned that I bought this from Boots for £8.99. The price isn't bad but is on the high end of the high-street foundations. This foundation has been sat patiently on my wish list for sometime and when my birthday rolled around, I was determined to go out and buy it.

When applying this it use about the size of a 5-pence-piece. Over the past few weeks I have really liked rubbing the foundation between my fingers and applying without a brush. I find that it goes onto my skin nicer and spreads out better as well. The finished look on my face is amazing and I look really awake and fresh.

However, as the day goes on I tend to find that my makeup slips and doesn't looks so great after a few hours. I have tried using a primer and setting it with powder, but it always slides off my face. I will keep using it, but I will have to keep topping up throughout the day!
Having said that, I love the dewy look it gives my skin and the best thing for me is the smell. I know that is really weird but it smells really good. There is nothing worse than having a product you like that smells awful. Lastly I like the slight shimmer that you can see in the bottle but comes out so subtle on your skin you can't see it.
I would give this Product a 3.5/5 purely because it doesn't last all day! Let me know what you think of this product.
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  1. Okay now i'm really determid to buy it, i have heard about it EVERYWHERE! off to the mall i go! :D xx

  2. Definitely agree on everything you said, even how it doesn't last all day, yet I'm STILL using it daily regardless because of all the other positives haha. And I find easier to apply without a brush at the moment too :) x


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