Colours Of The Rainbow Tag: Nail Polish Edition.

Hey Peeps,
So I know I am a little late getting on board with this tag, but because I have seen so many around the inter-web I wanted to do one with a slight twist.
Seen as my nail polish is huge ( and still counting) I thought I would do the Colours of the Rainbow tag but as a nail polish edition!

I have to confess I have a ton of red nail polishes, I don't know why because red doesn't me and I never wear it :/
Occasionally if I have to wear a red then I will go for a pink toned red. My favourite is the Nails Inc. Eaton Mews. I love this because it has subtle shimmers that makes it a really pretty red for me to wear.

A while a go I wasn't a fan of orange nail polish and I would never think to buy any. But I was given the Rimmel London Lasting Finish nail polish in 050 Tangerine Queen and oh my gosh this stuff lasts for ages :D Ever since then I have been hooked on orange nail polishes.
I know this isn't the best nail polish. But I don't own any yellow polishes (shocker :D) but the Collection 2000 Top Coat is the closest I have to a yellow. Please excuse the state of it, it is really old and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't sell it any more, I have had it a long time :)
Mint green is really popular at the moment and I am loving my L'Oreal Pearle De Jade. It is a really pretty colour for summer and I am most definitely getting my wear out of it :D
If you read my Birthday Haul (click here) you will know that I went a little crazy buying nail polishes (whoops :P). I bought the Topshop Celestial. I am a newbie to Topshop nail polishes but after how good this blue is I will be purchasing more in the future.
OPI's Can You Dig It? is next on my list. For me the biggest appeal about OPI polishes is that their names are so cute and original. This colour is too dark for me to wear at the moment but I do wear this quite a lot in winter and I think it is a really festive colour.
Here is another one of my recent cheeky purchases; Barry M Berry Ice Cream is a really pretty purple that I wear a lot. I have only just got into the Barry M collection but they are really making a good impression on me.
I have many many many pink nail polishes. But I thought I would tell you about a nail polish brand that I like but isn't really know. KiKo Nail Lacquer in Raspberry Pink. I bought this while I was in Italy last year on Holiday. I would recommend buying one of these if you see them around, they are fab!
Barry M's Amethyst Glitter is my go-to glitter when I want a 'feature' nail. This goes with most colour as it has pink, purple, green, blue and silver glitter in it. This is a really girly glitter that is essential in every girls nail kit :D

I hope you have enjoyed this tag. Let me know what your favourite nail polishes are and I tag YOU to give this a go :)
MissBeccaBeauty xo


  1. Love these polishes! By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Award Becca!! May the odds be ever in your favour!

    1. Thank You for nominating me but I have already been nominated and done the blog post for it.
      But thank you anyway it means a lot that you nominated me ;D xx

  2. The purple one is soo pretty! I love that colour too bad it doesn't go with my skin tone, haha! :) xx

  3. Oh, I agree with Jessie - the purple one is soo pretty! *-*

  4. OMG! The violet polish is so adorable! We will be doing this tag soon! xx

    Hanily x


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