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I have seen a lot of these 'quote' posts and thought I would dive in as well and I am going to call it Wednesdays Word. I am going to do this for 15 weeks which will bring us right up to Christmas (YAY who else is really excited for Christmas???). It all started when I joined Pinterest and discovered all the wonders of pinning quotes. A note of warning: Pinterest is very dangerous, it sucks you in like a vacuum and once you pin one image its like BAM, 2 whole hours go by and you didn't even realise it! Anyhoo onto today's quote...

For me this quote is really interesting. I can relate to it in many ways, big and small. For example on a daily basis I will sit at my desk and look at the work I have to do and the majority of it goes into the 'later' pile or in this case the 'someday' pile and it doesn't get done until the last minuet.  It is something I keep meaning to change but I will always pick to write a blog post over doing my geography homework. I know, I know it is bad but I love blogging. In the big scheme of things everybody says things like "someday I want to travel the world", "someday I will study hard and revise for my exams" or even "Someday I will start my healthy eating diet". If we keep saying someday it will never happen as there are seven days in the week but someday isn't one of them. I think this pushes us to start acting on our individual 'someday's' and start making them 'todays'. How are you going to achieve your wildest dream if the day you are going to do doesn't exist. I challenge you all , take someday out of your vocabulary and swap it with a real day in the week. You will see how much of an improvement it makes to your attitude and a vast improvement in the amount of work and things you are accomplishing. Give it a go, I challenge you!

I think this is a great start for my weekly Wednesday Words as it is something everyone can relate to and gives you a little taste of what is to come! Let me know if the comments if there are nay quotes or sayings you would like me to discuss.
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