My Trip Beyond The Irish Sea | Part Three





Hey Peeps,
This is the final part of 'My Trip Beyond The Irish Sea' Carrying on from where we left off in Dublin. Whilst in a courtyard full of restaurants and pubs, I came across a board that said "Stay healthy buy a pasty" I thought this was so cool so I had to have a picture beside it. I don't know why but the top of my head has been cut off the picture, so sorry guys.

In Dublin, like any city, there are loads of street performers and buskers. My favourite act was a group of men all painted in silver and dressed up as silly men, all stood standing completely still! While passing a shop I saw a  baby grow that was emerald green and had "Feck it, sure it's grand" that is so cool, imagine an Irish baby wearing it. Or better a baby Niall Horan wearing it :) One thing I do love about cities is that they always have really naff souvenir shops, I mean come on all the stuff in there is really tacky yet we still buy it.

After hours walking (and riding) around Dublin we headed to Carluccio's for lunch. It is a really good Italian restaurant that is like a café/ bakery down stairs and a really modern restaurant up stairs. the food was delicious and I would recommend going in there if you are near a Carluccio's.  I ordered focaccia and sea food pasta which is my all time favourite pasta! To finish with is a photograph of myself and my sister going home on the top of the ferry!

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  1. Great pictures! I have always wanted to visit Ireland - it looks amazing there! :)


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