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Hey Peeps,
On my nails today, I have taken a very autumn colour (orange) and given it a summery twist by having bright neon orange nails. I think this colour is called Fiesta by Kelly Brooks and is super cool, but I know this is not every body's cup of tea, like marmite, you will either love it or hate it.
This colour is fabulous but the application can be a but patchy. I only did 2 coats but if I have had more time I would have done a third coat because I think it needed it. I got this nail polish in New Look. I was buying a top for £7.99 using a £10 gift voucher and I wanted something to use up the rest of the voucher. I saw by the till they had lots of nail varnishes and this little gem caught my eye. I have about 3 orange nail polishes, I think they add fun to your outfit and if you can't wear neon orange nail polish when you are a teenager, when can you wear it!!

MissBeccaBeauty xo


  1. Love that colour - it is so bright! :)

  2. I have never tried a orange nail polish but this shade looks like so fun! :)

    xoxo -B ♡

    1. You should definitely try an orange nail polish as it adds a pop of colour to a casual outfit, and yes it is really fun!

  3. Thats a great shade Very fluorescent,lol:)
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