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Hey Peeps,
Now with the return of school in only a matter of days. I wanted to share with you some of the new stationary that I have bought for the new school year. I will be reusing some thing from last year, like pens, pencils and rulers. But each year there are certain things I like to replace. Also I just want to say I am a huge notebook junkie and I think I own about 20 notebooks, no joke! I think if you have really cool and pretty stationary then it makes your time at school happier when you are using your fab stationary. Also I like getting out my equipment to show everyone. Although I don't appreciate when people "borrow" my stuff and don't return it :/
Here is a list of the things I have bought, I will include shops and prices on some of them but I can't remember where I got them all from!
Project Pukka Pad - WHSmiths £5.99
Checked Stationary Set - Gift
Pens - WHSmiths Pack of 15 £3.49
Washable Fibre Pens - Gift
Colouring Pencils - WHSmiths £5.99
Owl Project Notebook - WHSmiths £3.99
Owl Pen - WHSmiths 99p
Highlighters - Market 70p each
Cue Cards - Market £1.25
Pot of Paperclips, Sharpener and Scissors - I honestly cannot remember :/
Pritt Stick - Sainsbury's £1.20
Stabilo Mini Point 88 pens - Sainsbury's £2.50 on special offer!

What supplies have you bought for school this year?

MissBeccaBeauty xo


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