Autumn/Winter 2013 Beauty Trends

Hey Peeps,
I have never been one to change my style or look because of new seasonal trends but whilst doing my regular reading online I have come across a few trends that I am really excited about.  Non of these images are mine they are all images I have found online and there are lots of other trends this Autumn/Winter but these are just a few I have picked out to share with you
1. Sixties Cat Eye
One of my favourite eras in history is the 60's I love the music, style, hair and the makeup. So I am really excited that this look is on trend at the moment.

2. Luxurious Lashes
I do love a full eyelash look on my eyes, I think it adds so much to my face, without mascara my eyes seem really life less but as soon as I apply mascara my eyes light up and so does my face. I will be giving these lashes a go soon.
3. Glittery Eyes
This is the makeup trend I am most excited about. With party season just around the corner I think I will be trying out this trend. Although I think the glittery jewels looks great on the models, I think I will just stick to glitter shimmer :/

1.Vampy Crimson
It looks like the classic red nail has been left to the side this year as crimson red takes to the stage. This is such a festive colour that will look great this winter. Also it is still very classy with a  modern punk twist... funky!
2. Metallic
This is a colour I would never normally try on my nails, but I bought a metallic bronze nail polish the other day so I am interested to try it and share with you what I think.

3. Black is Back
Like before I have gone out and bought a black nail vanish because I have never trued black on my nails as I always thought I was too pale to wear it. But this wear I want to give it a go. Black can be a very versatile colour, casual in the daytime buy dressy at night.

I hope you have found this post useful and that it has given you an insight into what's hot this season. Let me know which is your favourite trend and which you will be trying out for your self!
MissBeccaBeauty xo 



  1. I will definitely be trying out the black nail varnish! I find it really pretty on nails but I have never found the right time to wear it! i will definitely give it a go this season :)
    Alice x

    1. I think autumn is the perfect time to whip out the black nail polish as it is really casual and dressy at the same time!! xo

  2. Think I might have to invest in a black nail varnish, you've reminded me how much I love it!


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