Lush Lip Scrub Review by Merilinzz

Sorry about estonian, since I'm from Estonia then everything is in that language, so, basically in English it says Be a blockbuster success and have them queuing for the sequel. Coconut oil, sugar and a buttery, caramel taste.

Hey there! I'm Merilin from Merilinzz :) Becca is letting me guest post on her blog today so lets get going :)

So a little more than a week ago I went to Lush and bought two things, one of them being this lip scrub. To be honest I only bought it for the smell, I wasn't in a need for a scrub at the moment but this caught my eye.

This product is made by Pawel
First of all, the major plus on Lush products is that they're cruelty free, it's great to know that no animals were harmed testing out the product that I'm rubbing on my lips!

I didn't expect it to wow me or anything, as I said, I only bought it for the delicious smell. But! after been using it for almost two weeks, right now my lips are so soft and moisturized. I'm the type of person whose lips are always chipped and painful, with this scrub (and my Burt's bees lip balm that i use after scrubbing) they're so much better. When I applied lipstick, I tended to get these junks on my lips that come from lips being chipped but now I don't get them anymore and I can't even describe how happy I am about it!

The consistency is basically sugar - that's the best way to describe it. The best part about using it is the way you get to take it off, yup, you can just lick it off! Who wouldn't want that, I have to admit, I tried bubble-gum flavour at the store too and it tasted a teeny bit better and it was pink. In some reason though I decided that smell was more important. For 7€ / £5 it's really a worthy purchase. It doesn't go fast at all, I recon it's going to last me for ages even though I use it more than once a day.
I will definitely be repurchasing it (probably in bubble-gum next time) as it really is such a good thing to have with you on a go or at home, whenever you feel like you could use a bit moisturizing on your lips. Plus you can eat it if you get too hungry ha-ha, but seriously, how many products do you know that you can just eat away once you're done! So let me know in the comments have your tried it and if yes then what did you think about it? :)

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Merilin xx

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