April Favourites 2014

Hey Peeps, 

April is nearly over and I wanted to do my favourites for this month. I have to say I love doing these posts now and I find them to be a really enjoyable way to show you what I have been loving recently. I have been ill for most of April and haven't been wearing makeup on my poorly days. But I still have a few beauty bits most most of them are tech/lifestyle favourites.

For beauty bits this month I have been loving three things. First off I was sent some of the Tanya Burr lip glosses to try ( full review coming soon) and one of the shades didn't suit me at all, but Champagne Toast is the perfect shimmery nude gloss. I like to wear this on casual makeup days (which is nearly everyday!). As I said earlier I have been quite under the weather recently and my skin has been really dull and lacking a bit of life. So I started using my Laura Geller Baked Impressions Blush in Mauve Mocha Latte. This stuff is beautiful. I have to admit it does look a little boring in the packaging, but blended out onto my cheeks it makes them look really healthy and fresh. It is a very warm pink blush with a brown under tone and sometimes I will just use this on my cheeks as I find it does kind of contour my face as well. My monthly favourites post wouldn't be complete without a nail polish; this months polish is the Essence Colour & Go in 84. This is the only one of these polishes that I own and it was mainly the colour that drew me to it. It is an orange based coral and looks gorgeous for S/S. The lasting wear of this polish isn't great. maximum about three days. But as I love the colour so much it doesn't really bother me as much. The great thing about this polish is the size of the brush, it is really wide and I can do my nails with basically one swipe!

So this month I have quite a few lifestyle favourites. Firstly is a magazine that I have discovered. I know Company magazines are really popular but it was only in February when I started reading them and thought I would just mention that I really like them. They are different to other magazines because they have paper pages instead of glossy pages which I really like. They are like the perfect teen magazine without being like the trashy gossip ones that come with plastic makeup (you know the ones I mean!). One of my best friends persuaded me that I needed to watch 90210 and I managed to catch it on E4 playing for series 1. So obviously being the good friend that I am, I watched it and I am now obsessed. Everyday I get to watch a new episode and I like watching it like this because I stops me for watching 10 episodes a day. We have all been there and done that and you will know that it is so bad because you don't get anything done that day.

Finally I just want to mention my iPhone. At the beginning of April I got my iPhone 5c in the pink shade and i think I might have fallen in love. I don't know how I have lived for 14 years without one of these bad boys. I mean honestly everything is so much easier and I just love it. If you have any app recommendations I would love to hear them!

MissBeccaBeauty xo


  1. Tanya Burr lip glosses looks so beautiful. I have many nail polish by Essence and this one is so nice. I even did a post about them so if you want to check it out on my blog. 90120 is my all time favorite series. ;)

    Antonia || FashionFairy♥

    1. I know they are beautiful lip glosses and I really want to try more of the essence nail polishes but I can't find them anywhere


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