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So I recently joined a group chat with a group of other bloggers and we were just generating ideas (as bloggers do!) when we came up with a really cool idea. Over the next 4 weeks we are going to let you have a closer look inside some of our most used and loved things. This week we are starting off with the ever so famous What's In My Bag. As it is now Spring I recently switched up my bag for a more spring appropriate bag. The one I am currently using is a Cath Kidston Box Bag. I love these bags, I have two of them in different prints and I mainly use them during the spring/summer months!

First off, whenever I leave the house I always bring my sunglasses with me. They are an absolute essential and over the years I have gathered quite a collection. At the moment I am using these ones from M&S, they are a really simple brown shade with an almost leopard print pattern; but nothing 'too-in-your-face'! What I really like is that they have quite a big frame and resemble the cat eye glasses which I really like but was too afraid to go for the really profound ones. I keep my glasses in this black pouch that came with them when I bought them! I also have a nail file (obviously!), hand cream, a body spray for a little spritz throughout the day and my headphones which I always have in my bag because I hate being someone without them. Then I have my purse, this was a present for my birthday a few years ago and is a Cath Kidston one. What I love is that the print is very similar to my bag and I have another bag which has the exact print as my purse. In case you don't know I love things to match!

Next is my little bag with some beauty items in. I have my buffing brush, laura geller face powder, benefit boing concealer, my S&G eyeliner in black, benefits they're real mascara, bourjois colour boost in fuchsia libre, a kleenex lip balm, burts bees balm and a selection of bobby pins and bobbles. The little bag I keep my beauty items in is also from Cath Kidston; can you see a theme occurring here!

Finally to keep me entertained I have this months issue of Company magazine and a new book I just started called City of Bones. I discovered Company a few months ago and since then I have loved reading it. You may have noticed me using the magazine in the background of my posts sometimes when photographing my nails or products. Last but not least is the item that will always, not matter wind or rain, shine or cloud, will be with me and that is my phone. I recently got a new phone, the iPhone 5c and I absolutely love it.

So there we have it my first ever what's in my bag! Next week, along with the other girls, I will be showing you what's in my makeup bag. Here are the other bloggers taking part:

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