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This months blogger is Katie from Katie's World of Beauty. She has an absolutely gorgeous blog design and I love her bedding sheets that she uses in the background of all her photos. She recently hit 1000 followers and a nicer person couldn't have deserved it more than her! You should all go and follow her blog (after you've read her interview first!)

What inspired you to start blogging? It’s always been something I've wanted to start but I put it off for ages. Once I was starting to buy more and more products I decided to finally open my blog and write about them last summer!
How much has your blog changed and devolved since you first started? It’s changed in numerous ways. I used to write in a different style for starters, my images were just either one plain image or bad quality/odd angles. I also rambled a lot in them – didn't proof read them enough as to what I do now!
What is your all time favourite post you have ever written? Hmm well my most commented post was ‘How to get organised with blogging’ which was actually a company post I done on stationary! But, the favourite one I have written myself has to be either ‘Products that need more hype’ or ‘products bought down to packaging’ I liked how they were different to what I’d usually write about.
Where would you like to see you and your blog in 5 years time? Well I haven’t had my blog for a year yet and already I am amazed at some of the comments and followers I get! But hopefully I would like to build on it and maybe get some OOTD posts up and other things I am not used to doing see if that makes a difference on not just my blog but my confidence.
What is your number 1 top tip for blogging, for any bloggers seeking advice or for those bloggers starting out? Urmm 1 tip?  Don’t compare yourself to any other bloggers. Don’t think ‘oh I need to write like that’ write it your own way. If it sounds more like you, bloggers will more likely read your posts more and more! 

Thank you so much Katie for taking part and being this months, blogger of the month! 

MissBeccaBeauty xo
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  1. aw thanks for your little intro lovely I enjoyed doing this! xx

    1. Your welcome and I am glad you enjoyed taking part!!


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