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 Hey Peeps,
"Christmas time mistletoe and wine. Children singing Christian rhyme." Sorry about that.... I love this song so much!Anyway I was tagged by the ever so wonderful Alex from ByAlex. This tag is so festive and Christmasy and I cant wait to get started!

What is your favourite Christmas Song? 
This is a tough one... I don't like Justin Bieber, but his Christmas album Under The Mistletoe is my favourite Christmas album and my favourite Christmas song is Mistletoe! To be honest though I love all the songs of his Christmas album. I know some of you will probably hate me for saying this. Sorry.

What is your favourite Christmas drink?
I am not a huge fan of all the Christmas Starbucks drinks (shocker!) but I do love a good cup of tea. Especially tucked up in my duvet watching a Christmas film.

What is your favourite Christmas film?
I am afraid I cannot pick just one as I love pretty much every Christmas film; except A Christmas Carol; we are studying that in English and it makes me hate it even more..

What is at the top of your Christmas wish list?
Well I have asked for the Urban Decay Basics pallet and the big Soap and Glory set, though I am not quite sure what it is called. Mainly i just want surprises and money/vouchers so I can go Christmas Sales shopping with my best friend.

What is your favourite festive makeup or nail art look?
I know this is a classic look, but i love red nails with gold glitter. I don't think it gets more festive than that really!

What is your favourite Christmas outfit? (LBD, Jumpers, PJ's?)
I personally love a good festive red dress. This year I am going to be wearing one from Monsoon that I bought months ago. It has three-quarter length sleeves and is a skater style so it flares out at the waist. I can't wait to wear this Christmas day!

 Would you rather play out in the snow or enjoy it from the inside by the fire with a cuppa?
The fact this involves a cuppa, I am staying inside. I love watching the snow from the warmth of my house but I am not a huge fan of playing outside in it. But id my little cousins asked me then I most definitely would!

Wrapping presents- love or loathe?
Without a doubt, I love wrapping presents. I think wrapping paper is so cute and I love decorating the present with ribbon and bows after I have wrapped it. It feels nice giving someone a present knowing you have taken the time to make it look all pretty with the wrapping paper.

What is your favourite Christmasy food?
Stuffing. All the way! It has to be homemade stuffing, there is something about stuffing that just tickles my taste buds and i love it so much. I would eat it everyday if i could. But Christmas stuffing is by far the best!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Spending time with my family. I have a very big family and we all live spread out across the UK, so it is hard to meet regularly. After Christmas we have a big get together and it is like a second Christmas because we all give presents and have another Christmas Dinner.

I Tag ColeOfTheBall LovesOfLucy, BelleMode, Secret Life Of Niamh Feel free to do this yourself and if you do have a go at this festive tag please feel free to leave a link to it below so I can check it out!

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