The Dip Dye Trend Keeps Rolling On

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It seems like the dip dye/ ombre hairstyle has been around forever, yet it shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon as loads of celebrities have jumped on board. Here are a few of my favourite celebrities with dip dyed hair.

When Kate made her first appearance as mum, she stepped out with subtle ombre highlights perfectly placed through her dark brown hair. And this is my far my favourite celeb dip dye style.

Amber Heard shows off a polished dip-dyed hairstyle, opting for a glossy golden look.

Rachel Bilson has been a fan of dip dye for a long time and she incorporates ombre into her layers to add volume and texture to her hair.
It is very clever how Lea Michele has shown off her ombre tips by styling her hair so it is wavy and curly.
I think Lauren Conrad's lightened ends are really pretty and is a good way to ombre your hair if you have blonde or light hair.
Jamie King is really stepping out of the box here and I love how she is experimenting with different colours in her hair. I don't know if I would have the confidence to dye my hair blue; but good on her for having self confidence.
I am loving Demi Lovato's candy pink dye in her hair, it goes lovely with her natural hair colour and adds an element of fun to her style.

Because dip dye is so on trend at the moment, my sister decided she would like me to dip dye her hair. My sister, being my sister, decided she wanted her hair the brightest pink we could find.  We ordered Pinkissimo from Crazy Colour and we got to it.
The first time I did it, it didn't turn out quite how I would have hoped. the colour was faint and after a few days was practically gone. We still had loads of dye left so a week later we did it again. And wow... the pink was very bright. After applying we left the dye in for an hour and rinsed it out.


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  1. I'm still loving the dip dye trend, wish I was brave enough to go pink though! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award by the way :) more info and the questions are on my blog xx


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