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While catching up on unread blog posts from my favourite bloggers, I came across a really interesting blog post on The Sunday Girl all about Cosmetic Vending Machines and thought the idea was so cool that I had to talk about it on here.
I think in theory the concept is just what this fast moving modern world needs for cosmetics to keep up with all the new technology. The cosmetics and perfume vending machine claims to offer "a new dimension to meeting the needs of busy and active customers who want to look good when they are on the move, whether this is on the road at motorway services or at railway services and airports."
Wouldn't it be great if we are about to hop on a plane to LA for the week and we could just pop to the Benefit vending machine to quickly get some goodies to have on out holiday. I have to say of all the cosmetic vending machines I have looked at, the Benefit machine is definitely my favourite. I love all their packaging as it is really vintage and 1920/30's. And Benefit have definitely gone all out with their vending machine and is the most original. Benefit isn't the only beauty company getting on board this new trend, companies such as Elizabeth Arden, Sephora, Clinique and even Chanel are giving it a go.
However I do still have my reservations about the new idea. My concern would be if I was putting more than £20 into the machine I would want to make sure it was working properly and my product came out. I have had problems with snack vending machines where I have put my money in and selected the number but nothing has come out. But it hasn't rally mattered because I only lost about £2. Also I would be worried the product would break when dropped out of the tray, would there be a cushion for it to land on? Would it be wrapped in padding? How would it work?
Let me know what you think of the Cosmetic Vending Machines!!
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  1. Interesting post and it will be amazing to see cosmetic vending machines but not sure if I would personally like the idea <3


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