Hello August

Hey Peeps,

I apologise now but this post is going to be a quite chatty, rather than a beauty post. So August has finally arrived and has given me some motivation. I always find it easier to be motivated in the summer; I don't know if it is the nice weather, the longer brighter days or if it is simply the freedom that summer brings. Anyhow, I have done quite a lot of thinking recently and I wanted to share with you my goals for this summer:

1. Try and get out of the house more by going on day trips. There are loads of cool attractions near where I live and I want to experience them all this summer. If I remember, I will take my big girl camera with me and document the day so I can share it with you!

2. Get stuck in with DIY. The other week when I was at the market, I fell in love this a pink and gold patterned maxi dress. I could tell straight away that it was way too long for me but I bought it as it was only £5. My little challenge is to alter the dress so that it will fit me properly in the length. The best part is that it fits me perfectly in the body! I am also interested in hopping on the tie dye bagonwheel and giving it a go.

3. Be more adventurous with my blog posts. This month I want to step outside my comfort zone and try to do different types of blog posts. I have been thinking about doing tutorials and DIY posts.
Hopefully this should give you a little idea of what I am striving to achieve this summer!!
MissBeccaBeauty xo


  1. Hi! That's such a good idea.. It's good to do things out of the comfort zone xx :D



    1. Thank you, I think it is really important to do things out of your comfort zone as it broadens your horizons!


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