My Trip Beyond The Irish Sea | Part Two


Hey Peeps,
How are you all doing today? I never ask how you all are but from now on I will try to remember to ask :) Anyhoo, as you have probably guessed from the title here is part two of the holiday snaps!
Whilst in Dublin we decided to do a tour of Dublin on the open top Hop-On Hop-Off buses. A few years ago I did this in London and absolutely loved it, it is such a great way to see the whole of the city. From up high you have a great view of everything and as you go around the tour guide is talking and tells you lots of interesting information.
In Dublin on nearly every street there is a pub with that sells Guinness and I have got lots of pictures with Guinness signs and barrels. The picture of a factory is actually the Guinness factory and it is the top attraction in Ireland. We were going to go but as I cannot drink alcohol I want to go when I will actually be able to taste the Guinness!!
What intrigued me most was a building that was covered in amazing graffiti. I don't like graffiti as I think it is very chavy, looks awful and is vandalism. But I couldn't get over how phenomenal this graffiti was. It is so artistic and creative!
I have more pictures lined up from my tour in Dublin, but there were too many to all go on one post!!
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