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"What has happened to all the beauty posts" I hear you ask, well I am sorry for not posting anything beauty related recently but there have been lots of non-beauty related posts on my to do list and I really wanted to get those done. But I am back with lots of beauty posts lined up, so lets get cracking with this post...
This is one of the palettes that I bought that had multiple types of makeup all in one place (which I find very convenient). I got this palette for £12 and in various shops and online sites you can find it for around the £10 mark. When I first got this palette I didn't realise how much of a bargain it was, and for everything you get in the palette it is definitely a steal! As you can see my palette is well loved, and as much as I have tried to clean it completely not all the excess makeup will come off, so please try to imagine the product without the bits of excess makeup :/
The packaging is made from white cardboard which I think is good because after much use the structure of the palette is still strong and hasn't broken or got damaged. The palette includes 4 eye shadows and they are a whopping 5.4g which I think for a palette eyeshadow is amazing. There are 3 shimmery colours and a matte brown. The palette also comes with a brush which quite frankly lets the palette down, if they didn't include the brush then I wouldn't be able to fault the palette. Also there are 2 lipsticks (on the left) and 1 lip-gloss (on the right). My favourite product in the palette is the blush. I am a huge fan of blusher as I think it adds so much to the face when you apply it. Something about the colour really complements my skin tone and this is the product I use most from the palette.
The eye shadows don’t have names but I would describe them from L-R as: cream/ivory shimmer,
taupe shimmer, deep brown shimmer and a soft chocolate matte shade. Even though this palette comes across as quite natural, you can use the eye shadows for a natural everyday look or you can create a dramatic smoky eye look because the eye shadows are smooth, pigmented and very blend able. The lipsticks/glosses have a nice consistency and the shades look lovely on my lips. Also the blush gives you a cute soft pink healthy glow which is perfect for summer.
The packaging can be a bit bulky if you are planning to take it away with you, but I do love having everything in one place and on Monday mornings it is great as you don't have to think about colours that will go together because all the products in this palette complement each other!
I would recommend you check this product out and it is a really gift for a friend or relative!
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