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Today I am back carry on with my Fit For A Prince series since on Monday 19th August the official photographs of Prince George and his family were released.  For weeks now royal reporters have been anxiously waiting for the release of more photographs of the baby. I am not afraid to admit that I too have been on edge and excited to see the baby again. Since being born, Prince George has spent his first few weeks Bucklebury at Grandma and Grandpa Middleton’s house, his official residence at Kensington Palace and at the Cambridge’s charming farmhouse in Anglesey.
When I first saw the photos I thought "what a normal family" and if you were to look at the photo and not know that is was the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then like me you would probably think the photo was of a normal everyday family with a baby and 2 dogs. But William and Kate are not normal in fact they are far from it. William is a Prince and third in line to the throne, whilst Kate is a Duchess and a constant spotlight in the media. I really admire the way they are trying to provide a normal home environment for their new baby.
Now onto the photograph its self. There was huge speculation about who would actually take the photograph. Some thought the Queen herself would do the honours as she is a fan of photography (how cool would it have been if the queen had taken the photograph, that would be one cool great-grandma!!) and some thought that Kate would take a few of the baby and William as Kate loves taking photographs. But I was shocked and pleased when it was announced that Kate's dad (Georges Granddad) took the photographs. This symbolises that they want to be just like any other family, which is great.
The couple look relaxed and are sitting on the lawn with bright sunlight and the garden behind them, while William has one arm around his wife and the other around Lupo and if you look closely you can see a golden retriever lying down beside Kate.
What are your thoughts and feelings on the new photographs?
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