The London Edit : What's In My Bag

As you are reading this I will be on route to London! School is running a trip for the day and I am so excited as I get so spend the whole day with my friends in my favourite city: sightseeing, going to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the West End and of course we are going shopping. I actually took these photos yesterday and then swapped bags over at thought this one (a celine inspired eBay purchasable!) was too big. But the contents of my bag are exactly the same - so enjoy!

Here is a brief over view of what is in my bag for my trip to London. My Cath Kidston purse so I can buy lots of pretty things, a little zip up pouch from Cath Kidston where I keep my headphones and iPod. I always carry a little medicine bag in case of emergencies, at the moment I am using a little pouch from Liz Earle that came with a travel set I got a while ago - I find this is the perfect size. In summer, but usually all year round, I don't leave the house without my sunglasses - so these are absolute essentials. Primark do great ones at ridiculously cheap prices which I normally wear but recently I have been wearing my M&S ones with I love as they are brown and not black because black can be harsh on my pale skin and they also have a very subtle cat winged look without being too drastic. Behind that I have a notepad in case I get bored on the train or have any waves of inspiration! Tissues - what can I say, sometimes a girl has gotta blow her nose. I will admit I copied Anna (from VDM) with the whole hair band around tissue pack thing. There are some mints because I like to have fresh breath and also a small makeup which I will talk more about below...
I always feel more confident knowing that I have a few essential products with me in case of an emergency. It sounds ridiculous but oh well. So I have a concealer to cover my dark circles and any big bad spots that decide to appear during the day, a new powder I am testing out ( review coming soon!) to keep shine at bay, a stippling style brush, my favourite Tanya Burr lip gloss in Afternoon Tea ( in case you missed it I did a review here) and a Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie. Also the mini clinique high impact mascara and the Rodical lip balm - both out in magazines this month, so go quick if you want to try them. Finally my little pot of haymax - which if you are a hay-fever suffer then I recommend you get your hands on it as it stops those hysterical sneezing fits,  bobby pins, a big clip and a nail file. 

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  1. Your bag is beautiful! I love reading these, haha. Lovely post! xx

    Guilianna x

  2. I love your bag, I wish my school ran trips like this! xx

    1. Thank you, It's the first time my school has done this trip!

  3. That bag is lovely, where is it from? Hope you had a great time in London! Amy at Amy & More


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