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For a long time now I have used pinterest, not only for blogging but also for my personal use. I find Pinterest can be one of my main sources of inspiration and is great when you want to look up tutorials, DIYs and celebrity fashion looks. Awhile ago in a twitter chat I mentioned that I love using pinterst for inspiration and sharing posts, I got lots of responses from people asking lots of questions about how Pinterest works and the best ways to use it for blogging. Pinterest is also great at driving traffic if you use it correctly so I have come up with some of my top tips and tricks for using pinterest as a blogger. 

Always use one image from every post and pin the best image if you have used more than one. Choosing you best image for each post is better than several that are just a bit average. Remember quality over quantity. 

Use the POST URL not your blog URL. I have made the mistake of pinning my images from my blog url rather than from the actual post url itself. It is really annoying for other people wanting to go to the post the pin in about becuase it takes them to your home page and not the post. Nine times out of ten they will probably leave because they won't want to try and find the post. Make it easy for everyone by using the post url when pinning an image.

Make sure all images are pinable. By this I mean have big, bold and simple text becuase it tells the pinner exactly what the post is about and makes it really clear. Also use images that are related to the post and give information about what the post is about. If you use a photograph image edit it to make it of the best possible quality, no body want to pin a small dark and fuzzy image... now do they?

Organise your boards.You can do this by creating boards around the topics of your blog : Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle Baking. Once you have created your boards go though and choose the best image from each board to use as the cover image. Cute and relevant cover images really draw you into a board and can mean you get someone pinning many images from one of your boards!

Join group boards. Group boards are great as they usually more people following them and so as a result your pins get views, and hopefully pinned, by more people. So either find some you can join or create a group board with some of your blogging friends.

Label Your Image. It is really important to make sure you always fill in the image description with key words and your blog name. For example if I was doing a review on a maybelline mascara I could use the labels: Maybelline Mascara Review on MissBeccaBeauty 

Don't over pin. Yes you may love the pin you have used for you latest summer makeup tutorial but we don't need to see it down out feed 10 times, if we have already pinned it seeing it 10 more times is not going to make anyone pin it again - it is more likely to annoy them. Also, just like on twitter, you don;t want to be seen as spamming peoples feeds with the same pin. So maybe pin it twice or three times a day - for example pin the image for today's post in the morning, around lunch time and then finally in the evening. 

Do you use Pinterest? Leave your Pinterest username in the comment below and I will go and have a look and give you a follow. My pinterest is MissBeccaBeauty ( ) if you fancy a look. Leave your Pinterest tips & tricks below if I have missed anything. 

MissBeccaBeauty xo

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