Primark Summer Haul 2014

I am sorry for the photo heavy post but it was the best way to show you all the clothes. Posing in my clothes was a big 'no-no' as I always feel really awkward posing in outfits - I don't know how fashion bloggers do it. Primark has loads of really pretty and very summery clothes in , but I was obviously feeling the monochrome when I went shopping because everything is black, white or grey except the scarfs! I feel like my fashion is changing at the moment, mainly because Anna from ViviannaDooesMakeup has become my style icon.

Lets start with the kimonos. Primark had a lot of floral patterned kimonos when I went in, but I just wasn't feeling the flowers. This black and white Aztec print kimono is right up my street at the moment and I could wear it with either a black, white or grey shirt underneath. Under the kimono is a black vest top that is quite sheer and has very faint striped panels with some a bit darker that others; sorry it's really hard to explain. Down the back is a little gold hardware zip. I would recommend wearing a black bandeau underneath so it is more decent. This was reduced from £7 to £4.70 which I think is a bargain. Next I found two dresses that were £5 each - I got a black one and a black and white daisy print. They are a really soft jersey/ t-shirt material and great for when it is  super hot, which it is surprisingly at the moment! The last clothing item is a grey tank top with white lace detailing around the bottom. I thought this was really pretty as it is quite simple but the lace detailing adds a little something extra.

All the scarfs were £2 each, and I love wearing scrafs with my leather jacket - so I bought two! The first one is a cream colour with small red and blue roses and the second (which is my favourite) is a lilac colour with really big and bright flowers. They are so cute and for the price I really couldn't go wrong. Finally I saw this black clutch. I have been after a clutch for ages but every where I looked the clutches were too small, too decorative and usually too expensive. As I was going to a wedding and wearing a bright busy dress, I needed a clutch that was plain black, quite large and fairly cheap. At just £3 this ticked all the boxes!

I am really pleased with everything I bought and Primark have some great things in at the moment so go and have a look!

MissBeccaBeauty xo

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  1. I am in love with that Kimono!! Definitely going to look out for them next time I'm in Primark! ♥ Also just wanted to say thank you for your comment on my last post, and for subscribing! ♥ :)

    Holly xo


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