Eyebrow Trick For Complete Beginners

In the past few years eyebrows have become a huge deal in the beauty world. Some girls/women feel they cannot leave the house without their brows done and it has become an essential part of many peoples everyday makeup routine. For me brows aren't that big of a deal, I like to pluck my brows and keep on top of them but I have dark hair and find that the colour of them isn't a problem for me and I actually really like the natural shape of my brows. So do I need to fill them in?... no is the honest answer. However sometimes I feel I should and particularity if I am going out somewhere really nice or doing a more dramatic makeup look then sometimes I do like to add a bit more shape and definition to my brows. 

Because I don't regularly fill my brows in; I hold my hand up to being a beginner who hasn't tried many brow products (if any...). However I have found a cool little trick that works well for me and only involves two products and three simple steps:

Step 1. Find an eye shadow that suits the natural colour of your eyebrows, I would suggest a shade that is a bit lighter than your hair colour. 

Step 2. Using any spoolie you have, tap it gently into the eye shadow making sure you get some product onto the spoolie. 

Step 3. Now you can use the spoolie to gently brush through your brows. 

You will be left with subtly filled in brows, the shadow adds a little bit of colour and definition to your brows while the spoolies brushes the shadow through your brows evenly so you don't get any wonky or overly dramatic brows. 

MissBeccaBeauty xo


  1. Love this post, i've never done anything with my eyebrows purely because i have no idea what to do with them!
    love victoriajanex

    1. Maybe give this a try as it's really easy but looks natural!


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