Summer Essentials : Nails and Haircare

Here is my second post of my Summer Essentials. Today I am going to share with you all the pretty polishes I like to wear and what I use to tame the wild thing that I call my hair. During summer, well all year round really, I like to have pretty nails. Generally I like to wear bright colours in summer as they go well with a nice tan and for me summer is a happy time and I'm not going to lie to you; bright nails make me really happy.

Brights are for me but I am too pale (even with a bit of tan from the bottle!) for neon's so these shades are quite dark brights that suit me well. First is a polish from KiKo, which is an Italian brand and I actually bought this when I was on holiday in Italy 2 years ago, in the shade KiKo 284. I can't see an obvious name as it is all in Italian but it's the bright pink shade. This pink isn't too dark but then again isn't a hot pink, just somewhere nicely in the middle. Next is a Barry M Gelly Polish in Passion Fruit, actually I did a review/ WOMN so you can read that here if you missed it. For me I think this polish is a coral with the perfect mix of red, orange and pink. Belgrave Place is a Nails Inc polish, one of my favourite brands, and is a deep blue/purple shade that I think looks great any time of the year. In particular I love to wear this on my toes as it is such a bold colour and goes well with ever pair of summer shoes I own. Now this last polish goes against everything I just said about bright nails in summer,I have been loving Ciates mini polish in Ferris Wheel, though I would describe it is a bright baby blue pastel when it is on the nails. This polish is amazing as it stayed on my nails for four days without a single chip and for me that is impressive as I usually get chips after the second day. Thumbs up from me for staying power and for being a pretty cute summer polish.

Not onto hair. In the summer my hair can go a bit crazy (by a bit I mean a lot!), it turns into this thick frizzy mess and because of the heat my hair feels so dry. I have a couple of things I do to reduce this. After I was my hair I brush it with the Wet Brush which de-tangles my hair so when it is dry it is a lot smoother (review here). Once my hair is dry or very nearly dry I use the Tresemme liquid gold as it adds lots of shine and life to my hair ready for when I want to style it (another review here for you, sorry if I am bombarding you a bit with reviews!). Once I have my hair styled for the day I use the Frizz Ease hairspray when it is hot and I know my hair is likely to frizz out like a mad scientist (you can picture it, can't you?). Because this is such a small bottle it is great for chucking in my bag and taking with me to settle any frizz during the day.

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  1. Love the nail varnishes :)

  2. Love the orange polish! It's perfect for summer!

    Emma x

  3. Ciate nail polishes are so pretty no?

    1. They are gorgeous and last a really long time - chip free!


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