Day-to-Night Makeup : Summer Edition

I wrote this as a guest post over on Katie's blog ( you can see it here!) and I was so proud of it I wanted to share it with you. All this week I will posting summer themed posts on Miss Becca Beauty to get us all in the mood for sun, tans and all the fun things that come with this season. I am going to be calling it Its Summer Week on my blog.

Summer evening are beautiful, not only that but a lot tends to happen during the evening in summer because it is cooler: BBQ's, garden parties, evening walks and much much more. I remember last year I was doing so much in the evening and usually it required me to look presentable. Obviously because it is summer things tend to happen to our makeup during the day, it might slip off because it's hot, if you sweat a bit (as lovely as that sounds...) you makeup will come off and if you are a fellow hay-fever suffer then you will know watery eyes + itchy eyes = all makeup removed around you eyes. So by the time it gets to early evening and you realise you have to be out the door looking presentable, you only have about 5 minuets do this! Here are the 5 products I use, to freshen up my day makeup ( I already have foundation, concealer, mascara and all that jazz on!) in the summer when I am in that situation:

Bronzer is an absolute lifesaver, especially for us very pale girls out there (hands up if your with me on this one!). My bronzer of choice at the moment is the Bourjois Delice de Poudre. Add this to your cheekbones to help define them, your temples, down your nose and basically anywhere you want to look really glowy and sun-kissed. I then go in with some blush, cream blushes work best for me in the summer and are quick to blend with your fingers if you have to work quickly. Topshop is the winner of the high street when it comes to cream blush in my opinion, this one if the cream blush in Afternoon Tea. This is when those odd single eye shadows come in handy, whether you are just at home or have had to take these products with you to get ready there, single eye shadows work well to add a wash of colour to your lid. I have a L'Oreal Chrome Shine in Brown Lame which looks like a really shimmery brown in the pot bot on the lids it has that golden goddess look to it. The pigmentation of these are beautiful and they blend really quickly and easily. To finish the eyes I like to take an eye pencil and apply it along the outer corner of my upper lash line. Usually I go for the Soap and Glory Smoulder and Kohl pencils in either black or brown because I find they are the quickest to apply because they glide on so smoothly. Sometimes if I'm feeling fancy I will even blend it out a bit so I have a mini smokey eye going on. Finally to complete the summers evening look I apply a pink lipstick to brighten up my face. Topshop Brighton Rock Lipstick ( I have a review here if you fancy a read!) is the perfect bright summers pink that is great for any occasion. 

I hope this has got you in the mood for summer and maybe you can now think of some products you could use to update your summer day makeup tonight. I am in no way saying you need to go out and buy these particular products, but hopefully this have given you some ideas of how you can use hte products you alrady have lying around in your makeup collection!

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  1. Love the Bourjois bronzer x

    1. It's amazing, especially for pale girls!! xx


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