got2b 2 Sexy Volumising Hairspray Review

Hairspray is a must for every girl. Whether you use it every single day, just to hold your hair if you do a fancy style or use heat on it or even if you just have a bottle of hairspray handy for when you have a beauty/ fashion emergency ( e.g. spraying it on ladders in tights). My favourite hairspray of the moment is the Schwartzkopt got2b 2 Sexy Volumising Hairspray. My mum picked this up for me on a bit of a whim, I needed and new hairspray and she just bought this for me not really knowing how it would be.

Firstly I would just like to point out how pretty this bottle of hairspray it. I mean come on, it is a bright pink bottle with cute little swirly designs on it, what's not to love? I like displaying this on my dressing table as it looks really good and it is also really quick and easy to grab in a morning. The size of this bottle is huge and you get a lot for your money; I think I paid around £3 for this which is a bargain really. The spray it's self smells really nice and there is no horrible areosole hairspray smell that you get with cheaper hairspray. It smells quite sweet and nice and doesn't affect mine or my mums chest because we both have breathing trouble with sprays.The hold is pretty good and doesn't leave my hair feeling really sticky, I can feel a tiny bit of stickiness at the ends but it's nothing major and for £3 I can live with that.

Overall this is a really good budget hairspray, obviously there are far better hairsprays out there but for £3 you can't go wrong. Plus I think this is one of the best looking hairspray and the bottle is what drew me to it anyway!

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  1. I'd probably buy this hairspray just to have it in my room since it's so pretty!!! great review! I'm an avid hairspray user~

    1. Yeah it's definitely a really pretty product and one of those products you buy just to have it on display really!


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