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I have enjoyed blogging so much in 2013. I am proud of each post and found writing each one a joy and also a challenge. Like most things there are always "favourites", I have most popular post that draw a lot of traffic to my blog, but these aren't necessarily my favourite posts. So I thought I would share with you the posts I enjoyed writing, editing and publishing most!
"As most of you have guessed by now I am a bit of a nail polish hoarder. Every time I got out shopping I nearly always buy some nail polishes, whoops!! I just can't help, it is as if the bottles of nail polish are saying "pretty please buy me!" How can you not bring them home???"
In the summer I was absolutely hooked on painting my nails in really bright colours, blog colours and pastel colours. It actually became a bit of an obsession. Also in the summer I think my photography improved because I was able to take pictures outside and in my opinion the lighting was just perfect. The reason why I love this post so much is because I am incredibly proud of how these photos turned out and the way in which I edited them. It was also the first post I did that was part of a seasonal nail polish collection thingy-majig that I started.
"The story starts with a dying girl (Hazel) who meets a really hot boy(Augustus), they fall in teenage love and go on an adventure to Amsterdam together to visit the author Hazels favourite book. They become the best of friends and while it is a sad story it is told from such a funny point of view and there is a lot of dry humour which I really enjoy. In a horrible twist of fate, death occurs at the end of the story and I so desperately wanted there to be a happy ending, but it was anything but happy."
This is one of the most moving stories I have ever read and as it was reading it I felt like I was on a roller-coaster of emotions: there would be times when I was laughing so hard it hurt, was angry for Hazel and Augustus at how unfortunate their situation was and would be crying so deeply it felt like I was actually in the story. This post was one of the most rewarding to write because I wanted to share this book with as many people as possible.  
"So I am going on holiday tomorrow to Ireland for a family wedding. We are going on the Ferry for the first time and I am very nervous as the last time I went on a boat I was really sick and I don't know how I am going to react. I thought I would do this post for you as I haven't done this before and wanted to show you what I will be taking with me."
I am going to warn you now, this is a very photo heavy post. But if you haven't been able to tell already; I love a good post with at least 5 photos! I know this is an insane amount of makeup to take on holiday with you, but the way I justified it was as I was going to a wedding all of this was necessary (not!).
"I managed to pick this concealer up for £4.19 which ,for a good concealer that covers up blemishes, is a bargain in my books. The shade I picked up was Light 2. For a while I was 'oohhing' and 'aahhhing' about getting this concealer but I am really glad I bought it as I have been super excited to try this and overall I am happy with this product. What I love about this concealer is how versatile it is it can be used for under my eyes, around my nose and on any blemishes Also it provides great full coverage without looking cakey. It also blends well and I like using the doe foot applicator."
This is my second most popular post and at the time I was writing it I never imagined it would be so popular. I wish this wasn't one of my most popular posts because I don't think my photos are very good on this post and most embarrassingly I have chipped nails :/ But I love this products greatly and it is a complete and utter staple in my makeup routine.
"I have never been one to change my style or look because of new seasonal trends but whilst doing my regular reading online I have come across a few trends that I am really excited about...One of my favourite eras in history is the 60's I love the music, style, hair and the makeup...I do love a full eyelash look on my eyes, I think it adds so much to my face, without mascara my eyes seem really life less but as soon as I apply mascara my eyes light up and so does my face. I will be giving these lashes a go soon...This is the makeup trend I am most excited about. With party season just around the corner I think I will be trying out this trend. Although I think the glittery jewels looks great on the models, I think I will just stick to glitter shimmer."
Ooohhhh it make me so happy this is my most popular post because I really enjoyed creating this so much. I spent hours researching trends and hot looks in magazines and online, I then had to narrow it down because I had a list of like 20 but I am so pleased that people like the trends I chose and I know that I gave these a go and was super happy with how they turned out!
There we have it, a little inside into my favourite posts of 2013. I can't wait to make loads of new and original posts for 2014 and if you have any requests you know what to do, just leave them in the comments section and I can have a look!
MissBeccaBeauty xo
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  1. You have got some fabulous photos, I am quite jealous as mine are so rubbish x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Thank you hun! My tip would be take them outside and make your photos really big in a post xx

  2. I love your photography style in this post. It's very unusual, in a good way, and I love the different angles and clarity in colour.

    I will also have to check out those nail polishes, especially the Topshop one. I really *need* a sky blue colour.

    ~Hannah xx


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