Hello 2014!

Hey Peeps,
2013 has been a year of ups and downs. I hasn't been my best year and it also hasn't been my worst. In January I made a huge life changing decision that upset me greatly because it was a huge part of me but I knew as I was making that decision that it was for the best. I will probably tell you all about it some day but right now I am not ready to share that part of my life on here with you. When the time comes, you will know about it. Around January and February I became addicted to something so wonderful and exciting... YouTube!! YouTube is a dangerous thing because it sucks you in and never lets you go and you start to become friends with these people you have never met that sit in front of a camera, yet you feel like you know them and have been best friends with them for a long time. As sad as it sounds YouTuber's brought me comfort in the beginning of 2013 ( and still do now) when I was going through a blur in m life and was so uncertain of my self and my decisions.  
The months after that were a bit of a blur but things began to look up as I headed into April. I was going to see... hold you horses... ONE DIRECTION!! It was my Christmas present from my Uncle and Auntie and I was super excited to go. I am one of these girls that love their music but isn't obsessed over them (sorry to all directioners out there!). Also April was the month when I started my blog, I actually cant believe how quickly the time has gone and how much my blog has changed. I still cringe at my first couple of posts and how awful was blog design was "back in the day". But I am proud of my little baby!
 May came and I was the happiest I had been all year. This May I stepped across an important milestone in my "adulthood" life. I decided that I wanted to be confirmed.  For those of you who don't know, confirmation is when a catholic (usually a teenager around the age of 14) is accepted into the church as an adult. I had a wonderful day with my family and close friends and I received lots of lovely presents to remember that day by. It is also mine and my mums birthday in May and I love sharing my birthday so close to my mums because we get to celebrate together. This year my birthday didn't really go according to plan but I was thrilled to receive my camera as it meant I could start taking proper pictures for my blog and learn more about photography. I know people say you don't need a bridge camera when you are blogging, but for the way I wanted my blog to look and be I needed a camera to help me. Also I use it in my personal life and I think it is great to treasure special memories. Photo-A-Day May was a huge challenge but I liked the challenge of posting a photo everyday. Looking back though now I think it was a bit of a waste because some of the photos weren't very good and I think people didn't really understand what I was doing half the time...
In June I went to my towns local craft and street fair. I did a post on it and I am really pleased with how the photographs turned out! The streets were decorated with colour and character and that was one of the times when I think I took some really good photos. Skincare became I huge thing for me in June. I had always used Liz Earle but I went to the shop in Leeds and I learnt so much about the products, my skin and how to look after it even more that I began to really take care of my skin! Those of you who have read my posts for a long time will know that it is my dream to go to University, in particular either Oxford, Cambridge or St. Andrews. In June I was given the opportunity to spend the day in Oxford with my friends going around the town, looking at the University and my favourite part was going in one of the buildings a Harry Potter scene was set in. I had a fantastic day and it really opened my mind to the possibility I might be able to go to university there!
July was an exciting blogging month for me; I did some posts that I am really proud of. At the start of July I attempted my first ever OOTD (outfit of the day) post, I was incredibly nervous to post this as I wasn't sure if people would like the outfit, my poses or even how the photos turned out. I know its silly but I was really unsure back then. Now I think of it as one of my best fashions posts. I am super pleased with how it turned out and I wish more people would have a look! Something super exciting happened in July that made me so happy... Prince George was born! I am a huge royalist and I even went down to the royal wedding to stand on the streets so we could see William and Kate. So I made a little series on my blog to remember this time by called Fit For a Prince. I did 4 posts that I am really proud of that reflect Kate and the Baby Prince: A Royal Baby, Baby Shower, A Royal Maternity and Baby Boy Clothes!
August was a busy time for me and also a quite time (strange... I know!). I blogged nearly everyday because I had loads of time on my hands and found it so relaxing and therapeutic to blog frequently without pressure. This is the month when I think I really found myself as a blogger. I did more reviews, more lifestyle posts on my visit to Ireland, quite a few tags and I even did a baking post which was a first for me and I would like to do more in the future! In my Hello August post I mentioned that I wanted to get out there more and go on day trips, I can tell you now I think I did really well on that. I visited loads of cool places and had a great time. I love summer BBQ's; I always love the smell coming from the roaring BBQ but I always get really impatient because the scrummy smell makes me hungry :) I Dip dyed my sisters hair. I have never dyed anyone's hair before but I had great fun doing it and I may start dying my friends hairs.
September has to be on of my favourite months because I was back to school, playing music and I started my Wednesday Word feature which I must admit was a big success. I did loads of lifestyle and advise posts that month and I found out that I love and I think I am good at sharing my thoughts with you and sharing advise. My blog took off big style as I joined twitter and got stuck in talking to loads of bloggers on their and taking part in blogger chats. My followers began to significantly increase and I made so many wonderful friends through twitter. September was the month I posted my most popular post ever... Autumn/Winter 2013 Beauty Trends. I am not kidding my page views flew through the roof with this post and it was great to see so many of you enjoying and reading this post.
In October I began to take my blog more seriously and started to make it more professional. I established a blogging schedule and took more care and time into learning about blog design and creating a design that I really liked and suited my blog and personality well. As well as that I took part in #Bloggoween which was where you posted a Halloween based post on October 18th and it was linked up so that other could see it as well. It was super cool and a great way to get your blog out there.
November was a really busy month for me because I had loads of rehearsals for concerts and all my Christmas concerts began. Blogging had to take a little back seat in November but it was a time when I was thinking about what I would like to do with my blog for Christmas. In the end I decided to do Blogmas or something similar. Something super-doper exciting happened in November... I reached 100 followers. This was so exciting for me and even now I cant believe how many of you are reading my blog!
December was one heck of a month. The countdown to Christmas started and I did Blogmas. I still can't believe I managed to blog everyday in leading up to Christmas with how busy I was but when there's a will there's always a way! Blogmas challenged me an awful lot but I also really enjoyed it and it showed me that when I put my mind to something I can achieve it. My blog design changed in the lead up to Christmas as I wanted to remind everyone how much I love Christmas. It took me ages to perfect my festive look but I was super happy with how it turned out!
I really hope 2014 is a good year for me, I feel like blogging wise I can only go up from here and in my personal life I hope that I am a stronger person this year. Anyway here are my new year resolutions:
Be Stronger - In 2013 I let people take advantage of me, use me for school work and homework and walk all over me. So I am going to try and stand up for my self and be stronger in who I am.
Skincare Routine- I know how important looking after you skin is but quite often I though "oh I cant be bothered, I will just use a wipe" and I have decided to stop that. Every morning and night I am going to do my skincare routine., As a minimum  I am going to Cleanse, tone and moisturise and it would be great if I could do other things as well but I know if I am short for time that will be my minimum.

Blog Organisation - I have loads of cool things planned for my blog in 2014 but in order to do so I need to keep organised and on top of everything. I am going to keep a blogging notebook and record all my posts on Google Calendar which, by the way if you haven't already check it out, is a lifesaver for bloggers!
So there we have it my lovelies my first post of 2014. I hope you have a good year and in the comments please tell me what you new years resolutions are! I am also looking to have one guest blogger a month, so if you are interested can you please email me at MissBeccaBeauty@gmail.com
MissBeccaBeauty xo 
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