Three Things : Most Used Social Media Apps

INSTAGRAM// I know I am slightly late with this one as I only got instagram a few months ago, but since then I have become addicted to it. At the moment I am loving all the spring collections the beauty bloggers are posting about on their Instagram's and I love looking at the Kardashian's posts and generally just lusting after their fabulous lifestyles. Don't even get me started on the filters, I really enjoy editing my posts and seeing which filters work best with different photos. Some of my favourite Instagrammer's are CHLOEHELENMILES, ELLAGRACEDENTON and KATE FROM GHOSTPARTIES.
TWITTER// Twitter is probably the app I have been using for the longest and in some ways it is my favourite. The reason I love twitter so much is that it is so easy to communicate with lots of bloggers, share your thoughts and get feedback. Since using twitter, I have made some amazing friends (mostly bloggers) and have noticed a huge difference in my blog traffic as I can reach a wider audience. Also if you didn't know, there are some great blogger chats that take place some evenings during the week and they are definitely great to take part in to discover new bloggers.
BLOGLOVIN// I'm not sure if this is really social media, but I guess it kind of it because you follow blogs and share posts. Recently the Bloglovin app now has a notification section so you can easily see you has followed your blog, liked your posts etc. I didn't like Bloglovin at first but over the past few months I have really been enjoying the app and find it is great for reading posts from the blogs that I follow.


  1. I use those apps all the time, but I'm currently on a Pinterest kick. I'm obsessed. Lovely post! x


    1. I go through faces of being hooked on Pinterest too!


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