An Ode To Liz Earle : The Brand That Saved My Skin

I have been using Liz Earle religiously in my skincare routine for years and years and I don't think they will ever get put in a draw and forgotten about because all the products I have tried are just amazing.  The first products I tried were from the Young Skin Started Kit that included the famous cleanse and polish, the instant boost tonic spray, skin repair light moisturiser and the deep cleansing mask. When I was around 10/11 years old my skin was very full and full of blemishes but using this starter kit really helped to begin to clear up my skin. After I used up all the products I begged my mum for some full sized products because I couldn't go back to those 'face-wipe' days (*cringe*).
For 4 or 5 years now Liz Earle has lived on my bathroom shelf and has been used everyday. Without wanting to sound full of my self, I can honestly say that I am happy with my skin at the moment. I don't get large breakouts or big spots and it is all down to having a consistent skincare routine made up of mostly Liz Earle. I do like to use other skincare products: at the moment I am enjoy the No7 cleanser and the Superdrug Aloe Vera De Stressing Mask, but I always find myself going back to my Liz Earle products.
CLEANSE AND POLISH// The hot cloth cleanse and polish was the first product that I tried from Liz Earle and since then I have used it everyday. I love how creamy and gentle this cleanser is and the smell is very subtle and comforting. To remove my makeup I apply the cleanser onto my face using my fingers and rubbing it into my makeup in circular motions. It is the absolute perfect cleanser that is amazing for all skin types and removes you makeup in a few swipes of a hot cloth. At any time I will always have two or three back ups of this because my skin cannot be without this cleanser.
INSTANT BOOST SKIN TONIC// I use this toner on a cotton wool pad after every time I cleanse my face. It basically ensures that you have removed every last trace of makeup, or cleanser from your face before moisturising. By far it is the best toner I have ever used and it is extremely refreshing on the skin. It leaves my skin feeling radiant and very very clean. At the moment I am on my third bottle of this stuff and I have a fourth ready for when I run out of this; it is honestly that amazing!
SKIN REPAIR LIGHT MOISTURISER// I use this moisturiser as the final step after cleansing and toning. The light moisturiser is actually supposed to be used if you have oily or combination skin, however I have normal skin and prefer this to the others as it is so light and refreshing. In my routine I will use this either morning or night because I find it works well to use any time of day.
EYEBRIGHT SOOTHING LOTION// I suffer from hayfever and allergies as a result I often get irritated, red and itchy eyes. Liz Earle’s Eyebright is a gorgeously soothing eye lotion that is amazing to use on your eyes when they are irritated. It is great to use in the morning as it refreshes your eyes, makes them look more awake and removes any traces of eye makeup left from the night before.
DEEP CLEANSING MASK// Sometimes I will use this as a mask but mainly I use this product to get rid of spots. When ever I get huge spots or a big breakout, I will apply a fair amount into the area around my spots, after cleansing and toning, then leave it there for 10 minuets. After I will remove it like normal with a  hot muslin cloth. I find this is one of the best ways to get rid of breakouts.

There you have it, the run down of my favourite products from the brand that saved my skin. I would love to hear your recommendation's of Liz Earle products. I realise skincare is a very personal thing as everyone has their own preferences for their skin. However I truly believe Liz Earle caters for every skin type as well as producing products that are so good and gentle for your skin.

MissBeccaBeauty xo

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