2014 Skincare Favourites

In the past year I have really gotten into skincare and have found a great routine that works well. Therefore I wanted to share with you my favourite skincare picks from 2014  
BIODERMA// When you are wearing stubborn eye makeup that just won't budge, this bad boy is the one to use. It removes even the toughest of liquid eyeliners and mascaras as well as feeling really gentle and nourishing on the skin. It was a really struggle to track this down, while I was in France earlier in 2014, but I am so glad that I finally managed too. Sometimes I will use this in the morning all over my fave with a cotton pad when I am in a rush and don't want to bother with a cleanser.
LIZ EARLE CLEANSE AND POLISH// Talking of cleanser, my favourite cleanser in 2014, and probably since 2010, has been Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. It is just the Queen of all cleansers and whilst I have other cleansers that I like, nothing is as good as this. I tend to use this most in the evening when I am taking my makeup off and I massage it into the skin before using a hot cloth to remove it.
LIZ EARLE INSTANT BOOST SKIN TONIC// Like the name suggests, it really helps to boost my complexion after in the morning and also gets rid of any more makeup off my face after cleansing. This toner is really gentle and I use this every single day.
ELEMIS SKIN GLOW EXFOLIATING FACE WASH// I regularly like to use an exfoliator and this one from Elemis is my favourite. There is no strong smell and even though it is a scrub my face never feels sore of sensitive after using it. The grains in the scrub are quite small and are easy to remove with a  cloth. Some exfoliators I have used in the past have had huge grains and they are impossible to remove off you face.
ALEO VERA DE-STRESSING FACE MASK// Before this year I had never really used face masks as I was worried they would break me out and the ones I was interested in were very expensive. However I read a couple of reviews on this mask and at £2.59 it is a bargain. It is super clarifying and my face feels very clean after using it. I mainly just enjoy the whole putting on a mask and waiting for it to do it's thing when I am having a pamper night.
WITCH ANTI-BLEMISH SKIN CLEARING PRIMER// I wear primer everyday because if I don't makeup just slides off my face by lunch time. This primer is silicone based which I like because it is so easy to blend in. This is so moisturising on my skin that if I don't apply a moisturiser in the morning my skin still feels really nourished.
What have been your skincare favourites of 2014?
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