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The ever so lovely Tara and I are starting our own little project called T&B Talk, where we talk together on our blogs about anything that inspires us, issues in the world, things we want to raise awareness of and general chitchat about being a teenager and life. We are so excited to start this and hopefully you will like these posts we are going to do and we would really appreciate any feedback or advise you have for us. This topic is a very sensitive topic and we don't wish to offend or hurt anyone's feelings; but people’s size and weight is not something that is talked about much but I know certainly for me it has an impact on my life.
Yes, that’s right size is just a number. I know I know, that’s not what society or the beauty industry tells us but guess what it is true. I know from experience that trying on a pair of jeans can be such a terrifying task even though it should be something that’s simple. About 2 years ago, I was a big size and I had no confidence. It’s only now that I’m starting to get some confidence and realise that I don't need to be a size 4 because as I have only just started to figure out the size of your jeans are measurements that have been made by each company this changes to each shop you walk into. Each shop has their own 'fit' model with different sizes based on their fashion fantasy land of who they want to buy their products. I still think I could lose weight because my thighs are a bit too big & my tummy could be a bit skinnier but I only want that to happen so that I CAN BE HAPPY. We are constantly told by society that to key to happiness is the right size but who decides what the right size is? We should be telling people to love their bodies no matter what size. Imagine what would happen if everyone loved themselves the way they are and didn't care what others thought? - Tara

 I remember a few years ago when I hit puberty I put on a lot of weight and looking back on old photos I barely recognise myself. I always wore jeans and jumpers and you would never catch me wearing a skirt or a summer dress to school. As most of you have probably guessed by now I like to shop (hence one of the reasons why I am a blogger) but around that time I hated clothes shopping; in particular for jeans. I always felt they made my bum look big, I couldn't get them over my legs and sometimes there wouldn't be a size big enough. I remember coming home and crying because I thought I was fat and the one thing my mum used to say to me was 'size is just a number'. Even now I still hate shopping for jeans because sometimes the size I am wearing scares me. – Becca
You can be whatever size you want and still be happy because guess what IT IS A NUMBER. Do you want to be healthy? You can be healthy I say GO YOU. But don't turn to diets just because society said “Swimsuit season is coming up time to shred the pounds” because remember they are a multimillion dollar diet industry that is dying to hear you say “I’m too fat, I need to lose weight”. They sell you a dream of having an impossible body so they can sell you some magical potion that will turn you into some skinny, tall, white straight-teeth “perfect” woman. NO .If you are happy strut your stuff where ever you go in whatever clothes you want! Society needs to teach people not just love your body if your society standard of 'skinny' but to love yourself not matter what size you are...Because as I said Size Is Just A Number and life is much more beautiful and complex than a number on a scale. - Tara

But what I have learnt is that the number on the label means nothing. Usually in most shops anyway they make the clothes a really small size 10 so really you have to wear a 12. This is done by shops so they can save money, but I don't agree with this because it can be so disheartening to people when they have to wear clothes a size bigger because the company is scrounging to save money. Clothes should be empowering and should give you confidence; not tear you down. At the end of the day all it is, is a number on a label and I would much rather wear a pair of jeans in a larger size than wear them in a smaller one and be uncomfortable and for them to look way to small of you. –Becca

Size is just a number... don't let the number on the label define who you think you are or define what you think of yourself.

 Becca & Tara xx
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