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This product is very strange as there is no product name on the packaging. I spent ages trying to find the name of this product, researching for hours and hours but I really struggled. Eventually I found someone selling it on eBay and so worked out the name of it. But I was really frustrated by this and Clinique if you are reading this, I love your products but please clearly name each product on the packaging! I would have reviewed this sooner but with no product name it was impossible to do so. Anyway rant over, I do really like this product and so want to do a review for you.

First off I would like to say that I love the silver corrugated mirror effect of the outside of the packaging, I think it looks really classy and I love carry this around with me and getting it out around people! These colours are great. I have an uncountable amount of neutral eye shadows, and classic eyeshadow palette with lots of browns blacks and nudes. But after a while I get fed up using the same kind of eye shadows every morning. So this is the palette I go to when I want to shake it up a bit and try something new. Even though the shades are shimmery, they all work well together and I can wear them in the day or apply a darker shadow from the range to wear in an evening or if I am going out. I normally take this palette with me when I go away and know I need day and night makeup looks as this palette offers me that variety.

On an everyday basis I really like wearing strawberry fudge all the way across my lid, with either teenage pink of lucky penny running through my crease. I think these shades really complement my eyes. When I first started out wearing makeup I would never ever dream of wearing colour on my eyes other than neutral browns, the most adventurous I got was wearing a sheer khaki green through my crease. But now I am a bit more adventurous and have tried experimenting more. It was actually one of Tanya Burr's videos that inspired me to start wearing pale pink/champagne on my eyes. I really like it now and think it's great for spring. In the evenings I have tried wearing Bordeaux and Chambord, these are very dark and deep toned shades but if you apply lightly and build up the colour gradually I think it works well.

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