So...? Dry Shampoo Wars

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I seem to be on a roll here with the beauty review posts at the moment. Today I have some hair care products. I was sent some So...? products to try out and the dry shampoos caught my attention. I haven't tried any of the batiste dry shampoos before so didn't really know what to expect, but to me the idea of a dry shampoo is an absolute life saver because I have very thick hair which takes ages to wash, dry and style. Both of these dry shampoos are from So...? and I thought I would do something a bit different, I have never done a comparison post before so lets see how it goes.
First of all I think the packaging on both of these are really cool but I prefer the black design and think it looks great on display on you dressing table or shelf.  Non of these leave any horrible white dust in my hair which is great because how embarrassing would it be to walk around with white bits in your hair all day!
I think the So...? Lovely dry shampoo is just you standard dry shampoo. I think it smells of apple, violet and sandalwood and I'd say it's more fruity than floral. The packaging is bright and eye-catching and really girly as all the So...? products are. It did everything I wanted it to do: made my hair look less limp and meant I was able to go another day without washing it. I do prefer the So...? Va Va Volume as for me it is more suited to the way I like to wear my hair. I love wearing my hair quite big with a lot of volume. I find it really boost my hair and I would probably even use this as a volumising spray when my hair didn't need dry shampoo because I really love the body it adds to my hair. I am not mad on the smell, it is too strong for me but other than that I think I prefer this over the So...? Lovely.
Overall I really like these dry shampoos and I would like to repurchase a smaller size so I can carry it around in my handbag or school bag. Because even though it is not heavy, it would be quite bulky and heavy to carry around with you in you bag.

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