One Direction are Amazing!!

Hey peeps,

So on Sunday I was lucky enough to be able to to see One Direction in Sheffield Arena. Where do I start. These boys know how to put on a good show! All they had to do was appear on stage and the whole arena erupted in cheers and screams, and that was before they had even begun to sing.

I got the one direction tickets as a Christmas present from my Uncle and Auntie and to be fair at Christmas the concert seemed ages away but I can't believe how quickly it came around!
We arrived at the Arena quite early and I was pleasantly surprised that we didn't have to queue for a long time. Once we were in the arena, My sister bought a program which cost £15 (£15 for a PROGRAM, yeah it is way too expensive) nevertheless it has lots of cute pictures about the boys and will be a  great souvenir.

We went to sit in our seat which were quite close to the stage. We were in Block A, Row 24. I was very pleased with our seats! I have to say I was shocked at the amount of children there that were under 7 years old. I mean a lot of them were toddlers. There was one little girl who was wearing a t-shirt that said "I Love You Niall". There were two warm up acts: Camryn and 5
Seconds of Summer. I didn't really like Camryn but was really impressed by 5 Seconds of Summer. They were so energetic and all of them were quite good looking. I think they are Australian but I am not sure :)

The concert started with a hilarious video that worked the crowd up to One Directions entrance.  The video was typical One Direction: Cheeky, Flirty and Funny. When 1D appeared on stage the whole arena shook with excitement and they began to sing Up All Night.

One of my favourite things about the whole show was the set. It had slopes and staggered levels as well as stairs that they could run up and down on. Also the backdrop was cleverly designed and it had images all to do with London and the UK.

Every girl loves a guy that knows how to play an instrument, so when Niall picked up his guitar and strummed along to the songs several times I think every girls heart fluttered. Before the Concert my sister and I created a poster to hold up at the concert. We bought an luminous yellow A2 piece of card that we were going to decorate. Just before the boys started to fly over our heads towards the second stage, they asked for anyone with a poster to hold it up. Obviously my sister and I held our poster up proudly and we were so ecstatic when Harry Styles gave a thumbs up to our poster! Yay!

Compared to other concerts that I have been to, this one seemed a lot more stripped back and personal. I really liked the way they interacted with the fans and in particular when they picked some tweets that people in the arena had tweeted and they were either questions or asking them to do something. They looked at 3 tweets: the first one was who could do the best Australian accent, the second was can you make a human pyramid and the final one was have a wheel barrow race. It was hilarious to watch the boys messing around and having fun with the crowd.

They mainly sang songs from their latest album however in the mix they did throw in some well loved oldies from their first album. Also they did a cover of a true oldie from back in 2000, Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. I have to say I loved the cartoons of One Direction that were on the backdrop. So cool!

Overall it was an incredible experience and if i got the chance I would defiantly go again! The only thing that let it down slightly was the fact that it took us 1 hour and a half to get out of the car park and go around the roundabout coming out of Sheffield arena. I know that is not 1D's fault but it was a little bit annoying. Anyway, I love these boys and look forward to more songs and concerts from them in the future!

P.S I am really sorry for the rubbish quality of the pictures, it was really hard to take any good pictures at the concert!

MissBeccaBeauty xx


  1. OMG!!! I went to their concert in Manchester on March 15th! It was absolutely amazing and they all waved at me and my friend because we had a sign too! I am obsessed with them! :D :D :D xx

    1. Haha that is really cool! Who is your favourite member in 1D member?
      :) xxx


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