Beauty Tips I Live By

Hey peeps!!
Here is a really quick blog post for you today. I am going to talk about beauty tips that I live by:

1. Always remove makeup before going to sleep at night!
It is really bad for your skin if you go to bed still with a full face of makeup. First of all our skin needs to breath and if you have makeup on it doesn't allow it to do so. Also our body temperatures rise when we are asleep so the makeup you have been wearing all day slowly sinks into your pores making them clogged and then breakout (not good :!) Plus, I love the feeling of going to bed with a clean face and feeling refreshed!!

2. Don't wash your hair everyday.
I know a lot of people like to wash their hair everyday because they love the feel of nice soft, clean hair, but every time that you wash your hair you are getting rid of all the natural oils that your hair produces. so before you know it your hair will become dry and dull. So I wash my hair every 2-3 days so that my hair can keep producing natural oils.

3.Drink as much water as you can.
I know this sounds really cliche, but I can honestly tell you I love water because I know that it is so good for my skin and also for my health. You may have noticed but quite often if you see a picture of a celebrity out and about you can see that they are either drinking or carrying a bottle of water. This is because it is so good for!!

4. Luscious Lashes
Every girl loves her lashes to look big and full, but not all of us like to wear false lashes. So my advise for you is that is you want fuller lashes use a two different types of mascara. I use a lengthening mascara first and then go over it with a volumizing  mascara.

5. Tie your hair up.
Before you go to bed each night you should tie your hair up. This so that the grease from your hair wont transfer onto your forehead or face. Because if grease gets on your face then it can cause pimples.

6. Beauty Sleep
Again, I know this is cliche but a good nights sleep is so important. Firstly sleep is really good for your health . Lack of sleep can result in diabetes, weight gain and heart disease. Sleep also makes you feel better and can be the difference between having a great day and the worst day ever.

Comment below if you have any beauty tips that I have missed off!! Also comment if you have any requests of blogposts you would like me to do!!
MissBeccaBeauty xx


  1. I totally agree, I always do them! I love your blog :D xx

  2. Thanks, I think your blog is great to. I think the 30day blog challenge is a really good idea!!
    Rebecca xx

  3. didn't know about the hair thing when you go sleep,will be doing this from now on!:)

    1. I am glad that this has helped!!
      Rebecca xx

  4. The hair thing before bed is good but there's one mistake, it's not so good for your hair especially if you wear your hair tied during the day too, night is the time that your hair want rest and when you keep it tied up then they're not free and it can even cause hair falling off ;)

    1. Thanks for the advise :)
      Rebecca xxx


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