Pizza In The Park

Last summer I did loads of out and about lifestyle posts but this summer I haven't - not sure why. At weekend I went to this really cool pizza place. It was in this village about 40 minuets from where I live and it was a community run event that was very family orientated. In the middle of a forest was a pizza oven, in the middle of the oven were pizzas cooking and in the middle of my belly were the scrummy pizzas! The pizzas have a good chance at running for the best pizzas I have ever eaten, the base was so thin and crisp. We went a little crazy and ordered 5 pizzas - mushroom, peperoni, 2x chicken and bacon and of course my favourite margarita.

Anyway I just wanted to share with you some of the pretty (well I think they are pretty!) photos that I took and if you are ever around Church Fentton on a Saturday evening in the summer maybe go and give this a whirl! I don't live in Church Fentton, we had to drive a good 45 minuets from where I live.

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  1. Aw those pizza's look so yummy! I love pizza vans I find they taste so much better than chains like Dominos/Papa Johns etc. Really lovely photos thanks for sharing this!

    Christina @

  2. Oh my gosh those pizzas look amazing, and the scenery is so pretty <3

  3. oh jeez i want pizza so badly now!

    from helen at // blog sale

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    1. Haha! I have already entered your giveaway, it looks great! xx

  4. omg these pictures *drools*! Pizza is my absolute fave food! x


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