Food Diary #1 : Pancakes and Home-made Lasagne

I love food. I have always eaten proper meals since I could first eat and because of this I have a healthy ( by healthy I mean I eat my fair share of food!) appetite for food. This summer I have been helping my mum a lot more with the cooking and preparing meals for tea, I am actually quite surprised at how much I like it - though the washing up afterwards isn't my cup of tea. Anyway I thought I would show you, as like a little diary, the food I have been cooking and eating. This isn't all the food from one day - just the highlights!

Lets start with Pancakes. Pancakes are a great way to start the day - not necessarily the healthiest option - but they are fun to make and scrumptious to eat. When I am in the mood for American Breakfast Pancakes I will use this recipe from Nigella, Nigella is one of my favourite chefs/bakers and her cake/ dessert recipes are amazing, she never gets it wrong. Chinese food is very close to the top of my list of favourite types of food, so whilst flicking through the Queen of Baking's bible after an wave of inspiration from the Bake Off being back on, I spotted this Chicken and Sweetcorn Noodle soup recipe. I remembered having this a long time ago and really liking it - so I made it again. I used left over chicken from our roast dinner the night before and with a bit of help from my dad showing me the ropes of soup making, I managed to make this soup and it was delicous. I actually added more Chinese flavours than it said because it felt it needed more umph! I have to admit I didn't make the lasagne, this is all my dads handy work. Honestly, I think my dad make the best lasagne in the world and if I am a lucky girl I think he is going to be making it again this weekend. We had friends coming round for Sunday lunch, so dad made the lasagne and I made Mary Berry's (Again! I know, she is just the Queen of baking!) Lemon Drizzle Cake. The recipe said to make it in a square tray, but me being the rebel I am, made it in a loaf tin (just kidding, I only made it in the loaf tin because we didn't have a square tin big enough!). If i do say so myself the cake was delicous and it went down a treat with out guests. I am thinking of maybe doing a recipe post for the Lemon drizzle cake, let me know if you would like to see it!

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  1. You've just make me so hungry, this all looks so good! I love chicken noodle soup but I've never thought of having sweetcorn with it as well, might have to try that! x

    1. Haha, sorry ;) Sweetcorn goes really nicely in the chicken noodle soup and I also add some extra chow mien to add more flavour! x


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