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When the alarm goes for school, I will normally hit snooze three times before getting out of bed, then I will spend a few minuets reading Anna and Lily's blogs as they post daily and I check my twitter, YouTube and blog. By this point I have wasted lots of time and I only have a few minuets to do my makeup. Here is what I grab to wear for school. 

LAURA GELLER SPACKLE PRIMER// Primers are a lifesaver during school as they help to keep your makeup lasting longer so you don't have to worry about re-applying anything during the day at school. This is actually my second bottle of this primer and I find it also gives a great even base for my makeup to be applied onto. Don't be put off my the colour, it comes out completely clear when you apply to to your face.
JEMMA KIDD NOURISHING TINT SPF 20// Tinted moisturisers are great for school because they give a really nice light even coverage and this is good for if you are not really supposed to wear makeup as it just looks like really good skin. Also you can blend this out quickly with your fingers when you are in a rush.
BOI-ING CONCEALER// - A must to cover up those dark circles from nights of very little sleep!
JEMMA KIDD PERFECTING POWDER// Like all powders, it sets my makeup well and helps to keep any shine at bay as well as helping to keep my makeup lasting longer. If I do touch up my makeup at school, the main thing I do is powder as sometimes during the day I can get a bit shiny. As I have mentioned before this powder is great for carry around with you as the packaging is sturdy and has a huge mirror inside - which always comes in handy!
SLEEK ROSE GOLD BLUSH// This blush is my 'go-to' when I am not sure really what to do on my cheeks, it is a gorgeous coral shade with golden shimmery undertones (don't worry it doesn't make you resemble a glitter ball!) and is super flattering on my skintone. In fact from swatches I have seen it is flattering on lots of different skintones. The best part is that this blush makes you look fresh -faced and awake ; even though half the time I am ready to crawl back into bed!
SOAP & GLORY SMOULDER AND KOHL EYE-LINER COCOA BEAN// In the morning when I don't have time to be faffing around with choosing shadows that work well as a base, crease etc and spending ages blending the shades out until they are both even and then perfecting a liquid liner (which as we all know girls, liquid liner takes a day and a half to get right and even then I am never happy with it!). Anyway for school I like to define my eyes with this brown liner as it glides on quickly and adds subtle definition to the eyes.
BARE MINERALS LASH DOMINATION MASCARA// Wow this mascara is something else. In one stroke I can achieve so much volume and I love how my lashes look! Big thumbs up from me.
MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS PINK PUNCH// This summer I have been really getting into wearing lip products but when I go back to school I know I will not want to keep applying a high maintenance lipstick. But I always keep this baby lips in my blazer pocket as it is so easy to apply without a mirror and it adds a really nice colour without being too in your face!

What makeup will you be wearing when you go back to school?

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  1. I swear by the Benefit Boi-ing. Best concealer in the game.

    1. Yeah it is! I have nearly hit pan on mine :(

  2. I absolutely love Rose Gold, and find it is such a beautiful everyday shade! You have gotten me intrigued for that Bare Mineral mascara! Thank you for sharing your link with me on Twitter!!

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle

    1. It is one of my all time favourite blushers and I wear it all the time! The Bare Minerals mascara is amazing, I will be doing a review soon. xx


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